Tuesday, October 16, 2012

IPL teams are a pity...

Despite pitiable display (with the exemption of Delhi Daredevils), I guess the IPL teams could still get away unnoticed. After all, not many care to follow this tournament.

Dhoni don’t have Sehwag or Gambir to blame for Super Kings poor show. Obviously the boys in yellow are handpicked by Dhoni himself, so nobody is likely to carry any hidden agenda of denting his captaincy record. The failure of Super Kings presents Dhoni a wonderful opportunity to introspect his leadership abilities and tactical acumen. Only time will tell if he will review it himself or leave it to selectors. From my standpoint, I wish to see a new captain with new ideas for Team India in all formats. And no prize for correct guesses!!!

Gautam Gambir’s Knight Riders are a comical affair. The team that finished first in IPL is all set to finish last here. It is time the selectors show Gambir the doors in all formats of the game. When much talented players like Sehwag, Ganguly got axed during various times of their career, I wonder how Gambir is able to sustain his place in the national side. It is disappointing that nobody in power is taking note of his failures or willing to do anything about it.

Sachin Tendulkar has earned an opportunity to review his own survival in international cricket. By the way, it is boring to see Tendulkar failures. Thankfully Tendulkar himself acknowledged that the idea of retirement is definitely wobbling at the back of his head. So a failure against England is likely to bring curtains to Tendulkar Show soon. It is my gut feeling that Tendulkar will come up in flying colors in this home series against England and Australia. My hunch says Tendulkar will be the first player to complete 25 years of International Cricket. Again, I know how bad my hunches are.

The attitude Sehwag displayed in terms shot selection coupled with preserving his wicket in the game against Knight Riders, conveyed the message that he did not do justice in World T20 or before for India in the recent years. May be he is right. The War with Dhoni is not helping him. Don’t be surprised if Sehwag makes his presence felt in this CLT20. And thank God, Delhi Daredevils is led Jayawardene.

Virat Kohli should thank Royal Challengers for not qualifying in this event. A player who thoroughly deserves this break from cricket!!!

Considering the abundance of cricket played these days, Champions League appears a tiring experience for many involved. Most of them including players, media, fans etc., participate for rituals. At a time, when many question the existence of the tournament or even care to follow the tournament, a team like Auckland Aces perceived the event differently. Majority of the squad arrived 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the tournament. When the whole world was busy following the World T20, the Aces squad was getting acclimatized to the conditions in South Africa. If you carefully review, the squad is comprised of national discards, some players from wrong side of 30s, few fringe players and importantly no superstars. The Aces qualified for the main event emphatically. The team is now making good progress in the main course. So, Aces making it to the playoffs or even winning the title is not something that you can ignore. Again, if you don’t care about this event, it really does not matter to you what Aces do. The point is, when many tend to take their eyes off, there are some who try to cash on.

Bottom line: Ace is on.

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