About Us

Who am I?
Without a doubt a crazy cricket lover. Actually, I’m you. The Journey and Prayers of a Cricket Lover will give a good idea of who we are and what we share in common.

Why this blog?
During the time of World Cup 2011, many Indians doubted India winning the World Cup. Being an optimist could not digest the negative vibes spreading on the minds of my fellow citizens. To me, India is the Best Team and Dhoni is the Best Captain played this World Cup. It is only a surprise if India did not win it. I know you agree now, back then it was a tough concept to sell.

Especially after the tie against England in the league game, the media and public crucified Dhoni & Co for the result. It is really this moment; my frustration peaked and so I compiled my thoughts to publish the first post The Game Begins. From then on, this blog was mostly a campaign for the Men in Blue to win the World Cup.

Why the blog continues…
After nearly 2 months of writing, I realized I’m addicted to it. Even before this blog, I had the penchant to write. I used to put pen to paper what I thought were articles and send it to cricinfo or cricketnext, but never really got them published. In here, I don’t have the disappointment and the blog gained few followers too. Thus the blog continues even after the World Cup. Any common cricket fan with love for writing on the game are welcome here in red carpet.

Can it continue?
Today we are only few writers here. I’m sure with time more cricket lovers contribute to make this an active blog. Even otherwise, this blog will be a good journal of popular cricketing events with the author’s perception. That should make it interesting when we look back.

It is a usual thought that only expert opinion counts. In reality nobody is born expert. As you keep passing opinion on a subject, you will turn expert in time and after a period people will look forward to your expert opinion. Crazy Cricket Lover provides that platform to the common cricket fan in you to share your expert opinion of the game.

Jai's Comedy Bazaar
Jai's another close friend of mine with penchant for writing comic articles in Tamil. Though his posts are mostly based on cricket, sometimes he do deviate. Since he has developed a good fan base continues to blog here.

My Quotes
"We can always grieve for the loss after we lost it, but why give up even before that happens"

"The fear of the failure is what usually leads to failure. Once you make up your mind that it is alright to fail, but important to fight, the fear will fade away. Chances are good that you will succeed more often than not"

If you wish to write here contact admin at crazyfanofcricket@gmail.com
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