Saturday, March 26, 2011

Agony & Ecstasy of India-Pakistan Clash - Moment #1

Come the 30th of March the whole nation would be rising to the big occasion and in earnest anticipation of the second semi final.

The cricketing animosities between the two nations go back a long way in history and they are sometimes used as a tool to bridge the gap on the political front.

The cricketing diplomacy between the two nations is beyond bat & ball and most encounters are a testimony to this fact.

Is this clash bigger than "The Ashes" or an "England Germany football match"?
The answer certainly is "Yes". A hundred thousand people from both nations and across the world pray for the success of there team and the on field cricket just rips the heart out of every individual.

Unfortunately, Pakistan had a rough run against India in the world cup encounters loosing all matches they have played from 92 to 2003.Even the test matches and 20/20 competitions have given the people some mouth watering contest .

The build cup continues and I will run through some of the memorable instances that are etched in the minds of people.....

#1 Agony and Pain :- Test match, 1999, Chennai

What a match this was? India were set a challenging score in the second innings to win the test match and the great man played an innings of his lifetime.

A star studded bowling line up of Akram, Younis, Saqlain came hard at the Indians but one man stood apart . No guesses it was the little champion "Sachin Tendulkar". He defied all odds to make a brilliant hundred before going down to Saqlain. What happened there after is history as India went down fighting by 12 runs.

Then came the moment, the Pakistan team rallied around the ground and the 40,000 people inside the ground saluted them for there victory but not without tears in our eyes. The great man battled severe pain in the back and almost single handedly took India home.

Most of the Pakistani players cherish this incident and for me a truly agonizing memory from the past.

M Krishnan
If Cricket were to be my Religion, Sachin will be my God


  1. Can't wait to see the dawn of wednesday

  2. Srinivassa ranganMarch 26, 2011 at 2:31 PM

    Yeah!!!!!!! I still remember tat matcch where Sachin(god)Couldnt even lift a piece a Paper from the floor still he scored one of the best hundreds against one of the best bowling attacks in the world in a very dry pitch. It was succh a shame that those days Indian cricket team couldnt even win a game for their Champion.


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