Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Curious Case of Barmy Army

Why is the English Team suffering so much in the hands of the minnows like Netherlands and Irelands?
The most logical answer is that, many of the Irish and Dutch players are actively involved in English county. There they know inside out of England Players. I believe this is the main reason English Team had a poor run against the likes of Netherland and Ireland.

Will England also struggle against the weaker sides like Bangladesh and West Indies?
Well, it is not an easy question to answer. As we all know, West Indies is a very dangerous side on their day. However with Bangladesh, England should fancy their chances. The match may not be a one sided contest considering Bangladesh is the host. But that should not stop England from beating Bangladesh.

Finally, will the defeat against Ireland hurt England chances of qualifying for the knock out?
To start with, it has already hurt England chances. England has one victory over Netherland (with not so superior run rate), Tie against India and Loss against Dutch. They are now left to play the likes of South Africa, Bangladesh and West Indies in the order.

On paper, South Africa should beat England, considering the Proteas are a superior side and also has a better hang of subcontinent conditions in the recent years.

And if that happens, England can as well get ready for Exit Interview.

Is that what the England want?
The answer is a Big No. They are a much better side than what they appear at this point. They are infact a wounded tiger now. If there is one opposition that any team in Group B should fear to play, it is not India, it is not South Africa. It is the Barmy Army.

What could happen?
The pressure of MUST WIN for England could tilt the balance in favor of West Indies and Bangladesh in their respective games. That also depends on their position in the table.

But... what will happen?
As I had mentioned before this English side is a cornered tiger now. They have no where to hide but to crouch against you. I strongly feel the stage is perfectly set for Kevin Pieterson and Co to fire in all cylinders. Trust me, if they go on to beat the remaining 3 teams in their campaign, they will be playing the finals at the Wankhade Stadium on Apr 2. If things go in their favor, they might as well win the World Cup.

Bottomline: The curious case of Barmy Army is waiting for hearing.

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