Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to Win a Game?

It is an interesting question. It depends on who you are to answer this question.
If you are weaker side, the answer is straight. All you are expected to do is to put up a fight against your opposition. If you are able to put up a brave show, then you are the winner despite your defeat. Netherland has done it twice already in this tournament to the likes of England and India.
However if you can go on to win a game against one of those strong opposition, then you sweep billions of hearts. You give hopes to the nation. You will be the source of inspiration for many. You make the governing body to take a good look at your infrastructure. If you get little encouragement and support from the public and government, you march on to become a force to reckon in the future. India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan are classic examples. They all started minnows at some point.
If you are mediocre side, you are expected to win more games every year.  Everybody is interested to see your growth and not the survival. It does not matter how you win the game? It only matters how many can you?  An odd series victory during the course of time against a quality side can turn your fate.
If you are the best, I’m sorry to say that you are actually at the wrong spot. May be you get to enjoy the big perks, highest honors, comparison with greatest, but all of this comes with a huge price tag. You are expected to win every game. You are supposed to crucify your opposition, particularly minnows. Even your victories are subjected to criticism. You should always be on the lookout on what is happening to others, more than what is happening to you.
Finally, you should not be India. Especially when thousands of fans like us stand the whole night outside the stadium for the sake of a ticket to watch your performance (only to get stampede or latthicharged by police) you get absolutely no mercy for putting anything short of brilliant performance.
Now all is said, here I dig the India Vs Netherland game to dig you heart.
Are you upset because…
Ø  The Team did not play the game seriously (in other words complacent)?
Ø  The Team experimented?
Ø  The Team selection was not fair in your opinion?
Ø  The Team did not play to the game plan in your mind?
Ø  The Team played with a sense of arrogance?
Ø  And many more…?
As a fan, you have every right to be upset. I’ve justified the reasons already. However I request you to back your country despite your upsets.
If Dhoni thinks, with little persistence and encouragement Chawla can cause the same damage as that of Tahir or Afridi, it could be worth a gamble. After all, Chawla might peak at the right time just before the knockout.
If Dhoni believes Yousuf Pathan should bat more to have some batting practice ahead of the big games, it definitely carries merit to the thought process.
If India believes playing with 7 batsmen is the road to success, I’m sure that faith has a strong foundation.
I randomly chose to answer few questions, which could be entirely unacceptable from your point of view.
After all, Team India cannot play to the plans of the millions of followers. However, Team India can meet the single large expectation of the millions of followers. The Cup of Glory!!!  To do so, they need more encouragement and support from public and media.
Finally, when any strong side apart from our home team, makes any team a competitive opposition, we like it. I clearly mean England’s fighting performance against the likes of Netherlands and Irelands. We enjoyed those games, simply because we were thoroughly entertained.
Why don’t we hold the same thought for our home country too? After all, as a cricket lover we needed fun. Also, at the end of the day we want our team to win. When both happen, do we still have to care how to win the game?

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