Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Downfall of West Indian cricket

Its a bit hard to digest the slump of West Indian Cricket . From Heroes to Zeros is what I would describe them and the current team just can't find a way to shine and beat top notch teams. In an era where they dominated world cricket, we now find them in a deep dark hole seeking inspiration from all corners.

Why did this happen? Were they complacent and took it for granted that WI will always produce quality cricketers?

As an ardent cricket fan, I am gutted with the current teams performance. They carry a legacy of producing some great players and some that hits my mind are mentioned below

Clive Lloyd

and lot more..

I guess a current world eleven would still struggle to beat them.

What's the way forward for this great team from yester year is something to ponder over.

Will they climb up and steal the show in the near future would be something that time can judge...

I am lost for words and let the best happen !!

M Krishnan, Chennai
If Cricket is my religion, Sachin will be my God

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