Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Curtain Raiser - India vs Australia

What a tournament this has been and at the fag end of the qualifiers we have the top 8 teams make it to the quarter finals. Amidst all the competitive encounters the one which steals the limelight is the India-Australia encounter. Odds heavily stacked against India but will punter pull it off or can Dhoni's men seek revenge for the 2003 loss !! Lets dig n

Oz are no longer the same team as before. The so called Invincible are without their ace players and have entered the tournament for a change "Not Favourites". Its gonna be an interesting tussle between bat and ball but India edge out Australia in most departments. Australia fielding are a force to reckon with but then they lack teeth in bowling and batting.

Viru & Sach Vs Wason & Haddin

Tons of experience and class beckons the Indians and they take the initial advantage here. The opening pair have been destructive and most importantly in form. Sachin's favourite opponents and is due for a big innings and most probably the motera staidum will witness a big one from the champion. 45 more runs for 18k runs in ODI, 100 for 100 international tons and two short of hundred fifties, which one will he opt this time? Hey Oz's which one do you want !!! the choice is yours !!!

Captaincy Factor :- Ponting vs Dhoni
Odds heavily stacked against punter. Crunch time now, he will have a lot in his plate to ponder over and might not find time to break any more LCD's. Meanwhile the ever reliable, cool and calm Dhoni goes through regime to a nicety and will be playing mind games againt punter. Dhoni has a lot of variety in terms of bowling and batting and would back them to call on all the shots to break the Oz jinx.

Middle order
The Indian middle order is as strong as ever. Kohli, Pathan, Yuvi will have a lot to offer against their peers of White, Hussey, Smith. Barring Pathan everyone has had a decent hit in the middle and there confidence will be lot better compared to the Oz. Again consistency is not the folklore for Pathan.

How to play spin is something which runs through the veins of the Aussies?
I guess the answer they know themselves is "I dont know".

Turbonator :- Tasted success against Oz more often than not. Will not take a back step against the Aussies one bit. Punter vs bhajji a mouth watering encounter for the viewers but punter will have more tears in his eyes than water in his mouth.

Carrom Ball : How to play any idea Aussie?
N no of footage will help to solve this. Our Ashwin is a cricketer from streets and we know how tough it is to pick this in a tennis ball cricket.

Oz tips on how this carrom ball works:- IN Chennai we play street cricket called "Chucking". Bowlers stand and throw the ball at 100 miles an hour cutting the ball in both directions. This is not swing, it is turning the ball both ways, in better terms undercutting the ball. Same action the ball spin two ways and we still manage to hit sixes in street cricket. This bowling is popularly called "Sodakku Bowling" in Chennai. But Aussies, I guess before you could even hold your bat to take a swing the ball will spin and swing and eat the stumps. So don't waste time in trying to figure out how to play.

The Pacers: Here we have a strong tussle between left arm pacers from both teams. Zaks has matured as a bowler. Lee is back from hibernation with a bang. I feel he might get the same treatment as what Shoaib and Waqar got from Sach and Viru in 2003. Tait needs to be more tight, I meant in line and length :) Still our batters will flay you through point and covers. Guess your strategy might be to have two third mans which could be the first in the history of the game.

All in all a great content in hand and India should make it to Mohali.

C u soon !!!!

M Krishnan, Chennai
If Cricket is my religion, Sachin will be my God

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