Thursday, March 31, 2011

World Cup Glory.... Hours Away!!!

The journey has been fascinating. The dream is about to come true. To be precise, it is only a game away. With billions of prayers & support, an astute captain with the brigade of warriors, not to mention the least the God of Cricket himself playing the fiddle, the reality is only hours apart.
The sheer joy of imagining how it feels when my country lifts the World Cup get the adrenaline pumping so much that I could feel every ounce of blood flowing in my veins. I’m sure every Indian cricketer must be living in this emotion to keep the energy up and high when they take on the Lankans on Saturday.
I knew even before the start that this World Cup is ours without an element of doubt. All along I was only focusing hard to get the screenplay right as a fortune teller. The choice of finalist did not come per my screenplay, but there is no change in the conclusion of tale.
For the purist and pundits who need more data to validate the conclusion than just passionate words, here you go.
Two teams have reached the finals. How they reached here do matters on concluding who will lift the trophy.
Much like India, Sri Lanka too played most of its games at their home. The point is Sri Lanka played the games to the weakness of opposition. The wickets prepared were doctored to appear devil for the guests while an angel for the home team. A weak and fragile Lankan middle order was made to appear par with any opposition middle order due to conditions. The doctored pitches strategy failed to save them when they played Pakistan, who is equally good in this environment. However there were passages when a team like New Zealand exposed the weakness of Lanka at their own backyard.
On the other hand, Indian wickets were fair to the opposition. It was a feather bed batting track most of the time. England demonstrated that by chasing the target of 338 close to perfection. South Africa eclipsed India by chasing a total of 296. India could have laid a square turner to beat any of these teams squarely. However, India chose to play to its strength than opposition weakness.
I’m sure the wicket in Mumbai will be neutral to both the teams and India will play to it strength and beat the Lankans comfortably on their weakness.
When India is clearly a batting team with the bowlers slowly coming to party, Lanka is neither a batting team nor a bowling side. After top 4, except for Mathews its only tail all the way. Except for Murali and Malinga there is not much of depth in bowling front. India will sure cook the half baked Lankans for Paneer Jalfrezi. I’m not being arrogant with this statement. I’m only sharing the truth which is tough pill to swallow.

Bottom Line: This Indian team is about to bring a lots of joy and happiness to our homes that we shall cherish down the memory lane to our children and grandchildren.

Crazy Cricket Lover

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