Friday, March 25, 2011

The Lady Luck - India Aussie experience

A comprehensive performance saw the men in Blue roll over the mighty Aussies at Motera.
The match was played in great spirit and make no mistake about it , India had to earn each and every run . When the going gets tough , the tough gets going and Ponting was testimony to this.

Out of form and when most people wrote him out , he made a hundred which has a lot of substance than flair.
Not all hundreds come on a green platter, we might have to grind and toil hard to make runs and believe me a century of this kind stands apart .

But I always had a gut feel that the India would win considering the Aussies were playing with an amateur spin attack.
India played out of there skin to win this match and most importantly was a team effort.Batters contributed to a nicety whilst the bowlers were backed by some athletic fielding which is alien to Indian team.

Fielding was crucial and to me we won because of our fielding , Saving 20 odd runs is gold dust and is almost equivalent to scoring 50 more runs and we managed to cross the line.

Not without moments , I was watching the match in my friend home, Aravind along with wife Srimathi and we had enough nails to bite.

Not without a share of sentiments engulfing this match, Srimathi was asked to sit in the same place with a plate filled with rice and continue to eat slowly and lady luck prevailed.

Believe me when she had no meal in her plate Dhoni did get out. I immediately asked her to do a refill and also requested to eat the same thing which she did before. But owing to non availability she had to switch to a different flavour and lady luck prevailed again.

My friend Aravind was asked not to move from his place and also not to change posture and he did oblige and boy did it not pay off.

And finally no Indian win is short of celebrations and myself , Aravind and Srimathi went to Hotel Saravana Bhavan and had Masala milk to savor the moment around 11 in the night.

Money takes a back seat when it comes to Cricket and such moments will be etched in our memories for a long time to come.

Certainly cricket is a religion and I am devotee , so are most Indians I reckon.

I am hoping to mimic the same setting for the Indo Pak clash on Wednesday and some notable ones are written below for reference.

1) Wear the same attire that we did for this match
2) Cook the same meal and hopefully having the same taste !!!
3) Sit in same position and eat meal at the same time as we did for the oz match.

Finally , there was small wedding invite next to my seat, That's a luck factor too . Boy this is now kept safe for the next match and will be placed besides me and hope luck prevails against the Pakistan encounter.

All in all a great match and hope we beat Pak in the Semifinals.
Jai Hind

M Krishnan
If Cricket were to by Religion, Sachin will be my God

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