Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sri Lanka storms to the Finals of the World Cup

Nobody counted NZ to play Semi Finals in the first place. So, whatever they do from here is only considered bonus. After all they would have forced some introspection to the format had they qualified for the Finals. I’m only continuing from where I left off in my earlier post.
Leaving no stones unturned Sri Lanka march into the Finals to take on the winner of India – Pakistan encounter.
Having said lowly about Kiwis, they definitely had to be appreciated for making a match out of the total they put on the board. However they will be cursing themselves for faltering towards the end of their batting innings. Had they applied themselves they would have added another 30 runs on the board and in the end they might have had the last laugh.
Some of their plays were more like playing into the hands of Lanka. The ploy of opening the bowling with spin at both ends might have worked well against South Africa. To the likes of subcontinent batsman playing spin from the beginning is like a stroll in the park.  All subcontinent batsman are circumspect to pace, bounce and movement than to spin.
It was also surprising to see Ryder bowling during those crucial moments. It was sure surprise for the audience, for Lankan batsman it was a blessing in disguise.
Sri Lanka looks like a team with tail right after no.4. India and Pakistan are bound to put pressure without a doubt. If it is Pakistan, they have a brilliant bowling attack to crack the top order and penetrate the middle order. If it were to be India, their batsman will put so much runs on the board, which will lead to top order of Sri Lanka cracking.
Bottom line: Sri Lanka does not look like a team that will win the Finals of 2011. I only wish they put a good fight to the opposition.

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