Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What to expect when you are expecting

I'm definitely not talking about the pregnancy bible here. Let us try to forecast the possible surprises that we can expect while we are expecting.

From the Pakistani Camp...
1. For a change Pakistan will open the bowling with fast bowlers at both end. We might see the combination of Akthar and Gul for the first time this world cup.
2. On the batting front, one of the big hitting lower order batsman might fancy their chances at no.3. Umar Akmal would be a good choice. But Pakistan might play it safe by sending Afridi at no.3. After all Pakistan team is used to failures of Afridi as a batsman and whatever comes from his blade at no.3 will all be bonus.
3. If one of the Pakistani openers fall immediately, Younis Khan could come at the fall of first wicket.

From the Indian think tank...
1. India could open the bowling with fast bowlers at both end.
2. If India decides to open the bowling with a spinner at one end, chances are good that we might see Yuvi in action as early as 2nd over if not first over.
3. India might play this game with 8 batsman too, considering Yousuf Pathan does not have to face the likes of Tait, Lee and Johnson.
4. On the batting front, Indian skipper could surprise Pakistan and the world by coming at no.3. If for some reasons, India want to unsettle the opposition with left right combination, Suresh Raina might take guard at no.3
5. For the first time we might see the offies of Sehwag.

Bottom line: All in all, expect the unexpected from both the camps

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