Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spine Chilling World Cup Moments - India Vs Pakistan

Cancer cells multiply in large numbers to decay the human body at an arbitrary rate. But the interest around India Pakistan semifinal seems to be rising exponentially.

This match is the perfect icing on the cake for the tournament which has been already declared a "Block Buster".

No movie release this week for sure and no one would dare to think anything other than cricket until Wednesday.

Tickets can only be bought if new ones are printed or we have an expansion in the stadium limit. Mohali will be packed to the rafters with fans from both nations cheering and what a spectacle this is going to be.

India seeks political diplomacy in this match and hope we share peace and prosperity atleast on the cricketing front.

With the build up running haywire, lets unwind and look back at some of those intriguing moments which make this clash special.

#1:- Is this Monkey or Bun key Jump

Kiran More and Javed Miandad ran into a tussle in 1992 World Cup match in Australia.
For a change, actions took center stage as Javed Miandad unleashed his desire to jump up and down portraying a Kiran More stunt. Unfortunately his efforts could have been channelized towards running up and down for singles which would have helped his team win. India thrashed Pakistan to advance in the world cup. But this match is more remembered for Javed's acrobatism than for his cricket.

#2:- Oops !! where is the off Stump ?

Generally people go for walk, Have you seen stumps go for a walk, Yes it did happen in Bangalore in 1996. during the quarterfinal. Aamir Sohail unleashed a ferocious square drive to a Venkatesh Prasad delivery. His adrenaline was pumping and pointed his finger to the bowler. Then came a typical fast bowler reply. Aamir tried doing the same next ball and discovered he had three stumps before facing the ball and thereafter only two. But this in cricketing terms means "Bowled" and he had to walk back to the pavilion. Yet another act of foolishness by Pakistani batters which cost them a semifinal birth.

#3:- Oh No !!!! Not again

We have "Ball of the century ", do we have "Shot of the century", Yes there is one which came about during the India Pakistan match in 2003. Shoaib Akthar did not know that faster we bowl, the faster ball goes along the ground or sometime even over it. He ran into "The God" and realized bowling is not the same as flirting with gals. "Bang Bang Bang" was the sound in India when the delivery was deposited to the point boundary and we could hear the death rattle in Pakistan.Guess they lost the match to one boomerang from the Champion. Sachin, don't do these to bowlers, at the end of the day there are only humans not God like you.

My hair stands in unison whenever I watch that rocket to third man and to me that was the final nail in the coffin for the men in Green across the border.

Can Pakistan script a different story this time to beat India or will it be business as usual for the Men in Blue, time will decide.

Whatever happens, the legacy of India - Pakistan cricket will continue......

M Krishnan
If Cricket were to be my Religion, Sachin will be my God

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