Thursday, September 6, 2012

what is tendulkar problem???

Though I didn’t want to write anymore on impending Tendulkar form, it is hard not to pen more on this issue as we read every day a pundit or a former great or the media keep speculating this subject. Well, for the sake of argument, let us agree that it is the age that is now hurting his reflexes. If I were Tendulkar, I would pass cricket for the moment and start pumping iron right away. My immediate focus would be to bring down my body fat percent inside 15 rather worrying about the ball that is penetrating the gap between the bat and pads. Well, I’m saying this only out of my personal experience. When at 31, I really felt I’m finished with my amateur cricket. My body then weighed 190 pounds and simply not cooperating for even the little demands required at that level - be it running between the wickets, fielding, or bending the back while batting or bowling. With 6 months of effort in the gym and some disciplined diet I could drop to 163 pounds and that made me look better than ever. This obviously reflected in my cricket too, with improved reflexes, running between the wickets, better agility on field both in terms of batting and bowling etc. At this time, I don’t know what is Tendulkar's body fat percent, but he surely appears bloated than 5 years ago. If Tendulkar’s passion is to play more cricket, he simply has no choice but to get young with age. But no time I say, Tendulkar will be the same great with the bat like he used to be. But he would still be an effective batsman like he was in Australia a year ago.

Also there is another subject that is doing big rounds as Sourav Ganguly expressed his intent to become the coach of the Indian Team in the future. Already comparisons are floated as who will be the better coach. Sourav Ganguly or Rahul Dravid?
The marriage between Sourav Ganguly and John Wright worked great. Both were contrasting characters that better suited the other. However the marriage between Ganguly and Chappell was a complete fall out due to the similarity in their nature. Both wanted to run the show the way they wanted, which worked beneficial neither to either or the Indian Cricket. Similarly the chemistry between Dhoni and Kirsten worked great because the latter completely underplayed his services and gave Dhoni all the limelight which turned to be the winner for Indian Cricket.

Well you may ask why Fletcher and Dhoni combo is not working as it is supposed to?
India’s failure abroad should not be blamed to the relationship of Dhoni-Fletcher combo. I hope you all know the reasons already. But I’m sure Dhoni-Fletcher combo will work great for the next two test series to be played against the England and Australia.

It is my personal inference that the nature of the coach and captain better decides the success of the partnership. If Dhoni is likely to lead India for another 4 years, in all likelihood Dravid might better suit Dhoni compared to Ganguly. Basically Dravid is not the show stealer character and also a technically sound batsman to assist the young side. India needs more of a tactician than an inspired figure.

Do you know that the cricket pitches are mostly laid in the North-South direction?
Oh yeah, you can check it out yourself in Google Maps. I did not know this until few days ago. I was initially surprised to see this irony. But later realized Sun sets in West and can be a hindrance to the batsman towards the end of the day. Thus wickets are laid North-South.

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  1. titbits super. good to know about it

  2. Dada as a coach with Dhoni the skipper will be a disaster. it will chapell / sourav again. I would rather have sourav as the chief selector. he is good in spotting talent.


  3. Thanks Jai.

    I totally buy your opinion Sabya. It looks like Ganguly has already expressed his unwillingness as chief selector.


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