Thursday, March 31, 2011

India's "M" factor

Come Saturday, a billion people will be hoping and praying for Team India to have the last laugh in the 2011 edition.

We are a more confident lot compared to the Lankan's who have not been really tested.
Amidst all the saga that unfolded over the past 40 days, there is one sentiment associated with team India.

We have heard about "X" factor what is "M" factor ? Here we go !!!!

M Chinnaswamy Stadium
M A Chidambaram Stadium

India played in all the above venues and have won to a nicety.

Will venue luck continue to be with Team India? Time will decide !!!

M Krishnan
If Cricket were to be my Religion, Sachin will be my God

PS: Here is a sentiment from another friend. Saturday 2nd April 1983 India won the World cup. The Day is coming again. Saturday 2nd April 2011. 1983 & 2011 calendar are same. Check it. Much like 1983, INDIA will win the World Cup again.


  1. It was Saturday but 25 June 1983.

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