Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fortune Teller: World Cup 2011

After all the drama, the big 8 made it to the knock out as expected. It is truly the time now to go crazy about cricket.

For once, I want to be a fortune teller in this post. Actually there is a fortune teller living in every man in himself. Today I would like to bring mine in public.

There would be no complicated theories. No brain picking analysis. All straight answers based on stats and few hunches.

The Quarter Finals line up are as follows.

Pak Vs WI
SL Vs Eng
Aus Vs Ind

Many might see 7 good games from here and one good team will prevail 3 games to win the title. I donot wish to leave this to randomness. For I see a pattern to these battles. In my opinion it is the clash of Group A Vs Group B.

The Result?
Group B had more competitive games and every team had to play out of their skin to qualify for the knockout compared to Group A. So it is clearly advantage Group B. Having said that there is one game which can be called as the War of Dark Horses. You got it right. I meant the Pakistan Vs WI clash. It is very much impossible to say who will triumph. Being a fortune teller, i'm giving you an answer. It is Pakistan. Pakistan has the advantage over WI despite the due for Gayle show. The reason being Pakistan turned better opposition in the marquee games compared to WI.

Having said that here is my Semi Finals line up.

Pakistan Vs India
England Vs South Africa

The Pakistan Vs India Semi finals is to be played in India. The advantage is defintely with Pakistan. After all, a subcontinent host, never won the Semi Finals while hosting. However there is also another stat that says Pakistan never beat India in a World Cup match. I wish to go with the stat that has majority. India won more World Cup games against Pakistan than India failed in the Semi Finals hosted by them.

In the other Semi Finals, England will beat South Africa. This conclusion is based on
1. South Africa chokes in crunch games.
2. England already beat South Africa in the league game.
3. England never lost in the Semi Finals of the World Cup match whenever they qualified.

Finally the finals, India Vs England. I would like to say pl refer to the article "Who will the win the World Cup 2011".

Never mind. I've decided to save your time. If we consider 1992 World Cup for reference, which would suit this scenario the most, this should be anybody's title. Having said that, England failed in 3 finals and also in the finals held in India before. This is too compelling stat to predict I N D I A will be the winner of the World Cup 2011.

The fortune teller in me could go entirely wrong. After all, you get a chance to laugh at yourself for believing a fortune teller. Else, you give me  "The Fortune Teller of the Decade" award.

Feel free to ping me in private to know how much of fortune I made on betting in favor of the above results?

Cricket Lover

PS: I would be glad if you could leave your predictions in the comment sections. After all its fun right?


  1. I will go with my gut feeling

    Pak vs WI - Pak
    SL vs Eng - Lanka
    Aus vs Ind - India
    Nz vs SA - NZ ( for a change they choke early)

    I am banking on the below players to achive the above result

    Pak - bowlers , gul , afridi & co , batting younis and misba
    lanka - spiners (murali enough ) and sanga and jaya . dilshan if he score bonus
    Ind - little champion and ashwin
    NZ - mclum brothers , tayor , vettori

    if this stands good we then have

    ind - pak - India
    lanka - nz - Lanka

    India - no sachin , could be yousuf , zaks and bhajji and yuvi
    Lanka - murali , murali and murali

    Finals :- India - Lanka

    World cup for Sachin because I am an Indian , cricket is a religion and Sachin Ramesh Tendular is God

    Sounds wierd but on Apr 2nd if we are in Mumbai , God will take us through which means Sachin will carry us and win the cup
    and i will be jumping upside down for sure

    most of us will be and hope we all get a conference together and cherish the moment
    Go India Go !!

    Krishnan, Chennai

  2. Peter Roebock feels Aussies chances are dim.What a fall for onde great team.

  3. I think WI (Gayle, Pollard show), India (Sachin, Sehwag, Zak, England (Strauss) and NZ (SA will choke!)


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