Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dhoni's Interview

Crazy cricket lover had the opportunity to interview Dhoni after India’s match against Pakistan. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Glad India is into Finals now. But, you had everyone gasping when you decided to field both Nehra and Patel in the same game?
Well… that was a part of our strategy. Not just to surprise the opponents, but everyone in the cricket world. It was one of those cunning strategies where the opposition batsmen get excited seeing Nehra and Munaf, and the crowd starting to boo us. That way the pressure is actually transferred to the Pakistani batsmen to score runs against these bowlers with the crowd behind them. Finally you saw how it worked in our favor.

Brilliant Dhoni!!! Will it be the same ploy in the Finals too?
In the finals we would like to improve upon the strategy. We will be playing Chawla along with Nehra and Patel.

How is Saeed Ajmal getting so much purchase from the wicket, while Bhajji did not?
Ajmal applied brain to his skills. You can’t expect that from a Sardar.

Then why do you play Bhajji?
You see I’m a Sardar too.

Sachin missing out the century even after four lives, Is that part of your cunning strategy?
Yeah. That is right. We specifically sent instruction to Sachin to throw away his wicket before the century. His centuries have been a bad omen for us. And in the end it proved to be the master stroke.

So you mean to say Sachin won’t be scoring a century from here on? There are billions of fans who are counting on this 100th century.
No. We understand the sentiments of India. We won’t be that cruel. Infact we are in talking terms to schedule a series against Kenya. That way you can expect India to win games despite Sachin’s century.

Why Sreeshanth is constantly ignored?
It has been a tough decision to leave him out all the time. Again there is a reason behind it. Sreeshanth look good on TV only when he is angry. So when we drop him, he will be angry and look good on TV. In a way it gives a feel to the audience that our team is fighting hard to win the game.

What is the case of Yousuf Pathan? Why is he still in the sidelines?
There is only one spot available. It has to be Suresh Raina or Yousuf Pathan. In a week from now IPL is starting. I think it will make more sense for my CSK team mate to get more practice ahead of Yousuf Pathan.

What are your plans for the Finals?
Obviously I can’t reveal it here. You can wait to watch it on Saturday.

Thanks Dhoni. Wishing you all the good luck to win the Finals.

Crazy Cricket Lover

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  1. Good One Anna

    Really funny but with a lot of substance,

    India should play Ashwin in the finals


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