Friday, March 25, 2011

Humdinger: India - Pak

No World Cup is complete without an India-Pakistan match.

Lets keep it straight. This match is beyond cricket, it is war minus shooting, mother of all matches, call it whichever way you want it to be.

What a cracker this is gonna be and the team which crosses the border will play the finals on 2nd Apr 2011. A date with destiny!!!

The build up has started in India and all roads are now leading to Mohali. News channels are sweeping hotel rooms, stadiums, anywhere and everywhere trying to get hold of players.

Mind games have started!!! Rest assured the build up is only going to get bigger and bigger everyday. I promise it will be deserted roads come Wednesday, everyone praying for their team to win. Pressure, home crowd, scintillating teams what else can this humdinger offer?

Keep the emergency numbers ready. It will be nerves and people might find wanting at the hospital on cardiac arrest.

It will be Indian batting vs Pakistan bowling.
The countdown has begun and we will track it all the way to the Titan clash. Watch out for my updates as I pump your adrenaline for the big game !!!

M Krishnan
If Cricket were to by Religion, Sachin will be my God

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