Monday, March 14, 2011

World Cup TRP Ratings

I was watching a cricket talk show on NDTV and there was a short segment about the TRP Ratings of the World Cup. Obviously a comparison was made with IPL 2010.

The stats provided are as follows
Top Ratings
India Vs Sri Lanka (2007 World Cup) - 12.06
India Vs England (2011 World Cup)    - 10.97
IPL Finals 2010                                   - 12.97

Tournament Average
2011 World Cup (so far)                   - 2.48
Non India Matches                            - 1.21
IPL 2010                                           - 4.7
It is pretty obvious to make out what media was trying to project.
Is it fair to compare IPL with ODI Cricket of World Cup?
If something warranted this comparison, it is only fair to take the global viewership into account. After all you cannot leave the “World out of the World Cup”.
Again, what are the chances of IPL to have same ratings if the IPL matches started at 9.30 am or 2.30 pm on weekdays?
The above question is good enough to lock the lips of those who doubt the survival of the format.

Bottom line: If India qualifies for the finals, that IPL 2010 Finals record will be shattered to pieces.

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  1. I guess IPL is more of fantacy cricket and not real. For arduent cricket lovers test cricket comes first followed by ODI;s, Agree TRP ratings are more for IPL but then ODI match between India vs Pak will steal the show when an IPL match having stars is played simulatnosly.


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