Friday, March 25, 2011

Journey and Prayers of a Cricket Lover

I’m a cricket lover. I’ve been brought up this way. I remember my uncles boasting how the great Indian Team won the World Cup in 1983. I was too young to understand it. I enjoyed the happiness in their faces whenever they talk about it. As I started growing, my love for cricket started growing too. Sadly my country was not doing great in cricket. Every time my country was getting beaten by England, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan it hurt me very much. I envied those teams. Since then I started praying God that my team should become a super power and win a world cup for me to celebrate.
Every four years a world cup came. Every time I was hopeful that my country will win the world cup. After that win, I too will start talking about the victory like my uncles. Sadly for me India never won a World Cup after 1983. I lost faith. But I was happy with one thing. We had Sachin Tendulkar. No team had anybody like Sachin. No player in the world has any records like Sachin. No batsman play more beautiful than Sachin. I started telling to myself that “Sachin Tendulkar” is happier to watch than dreaming about the the cup.
Year 2011:
Today, the people on the TV started telling that Sachin Tendulkar also wants to win the World Cup. I think he too must have uncles like me.
I’ve started praying again now. This time I’m not praying for me. I’m praying for the man who is more cricket lover than me. He is not like me, just praying and do nothing. He is fighting. He is fighting in the middle for millions of fans like me. This time I wish God be kind and grant the wish of India to win.
When India wins the cup, my journey and prayers would be over. But I promise that I will start someone’s journey.
- Journey and Prayers of a Cricket Lover

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