Friday, April 1, 2011

Cricket on Facebook

You must be wondering what does cricket had to do with Facebook (popularly called FB)?
For starters I’m discussing cricket mostly with the friends in FB and I’m also promoting my blog here. I felt it is time to dedicate one for the medium and the people who live here.
We have always watched cricket with friends and families at home. It is very much fun to watch the game with a group of people. As the game progress we keep predicting a four or six in that over, a wicket  or two this over, what should be the next move from the captain, then slam the captain for what we feel as an absurd move, who should bat next, who should bowl next, the winner of the match etc. These are interesting predictions. Some turn correct, some does not. But the euphoria of getting the right prediction and proving to be the best of brains is a wonder of the emotion.
If nobody is available for company, we still pick up the phone to call our buddy to discuss the game during the course.
As times change, so is our medium of discussion. Today people share their analysis and predictions with friends on Facebook live. Mind you, it means, it is taking eyes off the game for few moments to type the prediction or respond to your friends thought on what happened now or what happens next.
On the day of India-Pakistan game there was hardly any other subject discussed apart from cricket on my FB page. I’m sure many must have experienced the same. Since I don’t work with FB, I don’t have the stats to present, but I can pretty much assure you, cricket would have been the talk of that day.
I do wish to confirm that nothing beats the fun of watching the game at the stadium or watching the game at the public place with 10,000 spectators on the giant screen or watching and talking the game with family and friends on TV. I believe that this is also close to nature.
But for those like me who are little away from nature but closer to the virtual world, Facebook for sure brings the virtual reality in life.
I take this opportunity to thank Facebook to carry our thoughts to cricket lovers across the world. I also wish to thank those friends who join these cricket discussions and make people like me feel there is still life for existence in the virtual world.
Bottom Line: Watch the finals of the India - Sri Lanka live on Facebook. You will be glad you did it!!!

Cricket Lover

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