Friday, April 15, 2011

Are Sachin Tendulkar's Centuries Jinxed?

Are Sachin Centuries Jinxed?
Are you the person who believe it is a bad omen when a crow flies past the head croaking? Do you think a black cat entering a house is a bad premonition? Are you a prey to any other superstitious beliefs like this? If so, you can surely go on to believe that Sachin Tendulkar centuries are jinxed too.
For the others, be proud of yourself that you got the opportunity to witness a wonderful century. Unfortunately this time it wasn't meant to be on the winning side.

When so many cricketers struggle to score even a single hundred, this man is gifted with the ability to score tons at will. When most batsmen find the gap unpenetratable as they reach 80's and find their legs shaky as they reach the 90’s, the master is clearly a genius during this phase and scores hundred with ease. We witnessed exactly that when McCullum got into 80’s without a lot of fuss but failed to convert it to a century.

Every cricketer knows that it requires a marathon effort to score a hundred. A good cricketer would never utter from his mouth that Sachin's centuries are jinxed. Mind you, Sachin Tendulkar had to wait patiently 77 games before securing his first ton. Now, he has close to ton tons in all forms of the game.
In the game against Tuskers, it is my opinion that Sachin Tendulkar the captain failed to save Sachin Tendulkar the batsman. Had the captain, went to proven campaigners like Rohit Sharma or Andrew Symmonds instead of R Satish during the bowling session, may be the match would have turned in favor of Mumbai Indians. Even towards the end of the bowling innings, the captain played by the books and gave the ball to Pollard and Murtaza. These are the times a captain like Dhoni never feared to give the ball to a new bowler. 

The maestro has more addiction to runs than just the hunger for runs. Pl don't relate Sachin Tendulkar's century to the result of the game. It is the other batsmen failure to convert the 80's and 90's to ton, while the master is simply good at conversion. 

Bottom Line: The jinx is not in the ton. The devil is in the readers mind.
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  1. Sachin has 51 Test centuries but only 20 have helped India win the game while 11 times India has lost and 20 times the match was a draw. Read detailed analysis of Tendulkar's ODI and Test centuries and their effect on the match @


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