Friday, April 22, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan Interview.

Knight Riders finding successive victories in IPL games CCL had the opportunity to have a quick chat with the owner, Shah Rukh Khan!!!

Hello Shah Rukh! You must be glad to see your team winning games regularly for the first time in IPL. What is the secret behind it?
Yeah it’s good to see KKR winning regularly. Basically we have decided to play for DADA instead of play under DADA.

Sounds like you got the motto right at the moment. What about the crowd? We still find poor response for KKR games at Eden Gardens?
Yeah that piece is still hurting. We had brain storming session about that in the team meeting. In the end we discovered that there is not enough crowd puller in the KKR squad. So I’ve decided to play for KKR myself.

What $&%#? You are an actor. Is it really possible to become a cricketer?
When I can build a body from skeleton, cricket is no big deal.

Is cricket that easy a sport to you?
You see, I’ve hired an Aussie coach, American physio and Buchnan’s brain. Trust me, I’m the next Tendulkar.

Even if you decide to play, does the rule allow you to play for KKR?
That is exactly the reason we are working hard to revoke the suspension issued to Lalit Modi. Once he is back we can bend the rules to our whims and fancies.

Appreciate your optimism. Between how did you boil down to Gautam Gambir as the KKR leader?
It is simple. In cricket we replace a left hander with another left hander. That is exactly the logic we applied for KKR leadership too.

Good logic. However, can’t hold myself from asking this question. In Chak De India, you were able to inspire a hockey team to win the world cup. Why is that you are not able to inspire your own cricket team to win IPL so far?
You must understand that the Chak De hockey team composed of female players.

Wonder… how we missed it. Now that your team is amongst victories can they win IPL this time?
Sure. I bid for the trophy too during the player auction. Korbo… Lorbo… Jeetbo.

Thanks SRK. We wish KKR all the success for the remaining games.

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