Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bouncers !!!

20 runs required of 14 balls, 3 wickets in hand, Umesh Yadav bowls one on the pads of Syed Mohammed only to be flicked for a four. Sehwag walks immediately to Yadav to share his portion of wisdom. Though not good at lip reading, could make up those lines. “Abe Chu… kaiku leg pe daaltha hai. Off pe daal”. Guess what? The next ball Yadav bowls outside the off stump only to be cut for four by the same batsman. Wonder why the Desi boys haven’t learned the art of death bowling from the stalwarts? Are they not supposed to use this platform to make themselves a better package when they become ready to wear the India cap?

On an impulsive note Jr. Mallaya started shaking the iron grill (separates the crowd from players) ferociously to celebrate the victory and followed it with a tight hug to Padukone lady to cool himself. The defeat to Bangalore boys has set the tone for the Delhi - Kolkata encounter. After all who wants to lose to the junior?

In the meantime, Chennai registered another straight win against the Pune. The man who benefitted the most out of this outing was Suresh Raina. Dhoni’s insurance policy sufficiently covered him from being exposed too early when the wicket had something for the bowlers. Thankfully that led to the scapegoat Badri sizzling. Had the other batsman shown the same faith on Badri in the game against MI, CSK would have had 2 more points on the board. Unless Uthappa or Yuvraj going to come slightly up the order to take the challenge themselves, it will not be any easy for the Warriors here on.

Tuskers has prepared a seaming wicket against the punch bag Deccan. Glad if they don’t bounce out on their own bouncers.

In the meantime, Duncan Fletcher becomes the new coach of Team India for the next two years. For the first time a coach appointment came in without much fuss. The governing body did the smart move by locating and appointing the coach when the public and media had their attention diverted to IPL.

The Headlines “Worked hard to reach out Gayle” by WICB almost beat any comic caper. When a franchise from another part of the world could sign up Gayle in no time to play IPL, wonder how the local board could not locate the player.

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