Thursday, February 23, 2012


It is Nasty!!! It is Inane!!! India doesn’t deserve to win any cricket match is the cry of a sincere Indian cricket fan. When that happens, the tigers in disguise will only play to the empty stands for the hoopla that commence from Apr 4, 2012. Logic, if the stake holders can be canny to snub out of market players (Brian Lara, Herschelle Gibbs, Ganguly, Laxman are classic examples), why should a buyer die to watch sizzling Sehwag or a bludgeon Dhoni when they fizzle at ASLI MAIDHAN. That would be a perfect slap on the face for the players and the board for disrespecting the fan’s emotions. In other words, “The BILLION DOLLAR BABY is nothing but a truck load of shit to sell”. Sorry folks could not be diplomatic anymore.

Dear Dhoni
You are supposed to hold this team together. If you cannot do it, you don’t deserve to lead. Your policies are not any noble as Gandhi’s or Hazare’s. It can be compromised for the sake of the team that is rotten by politics.

It is only few days ago, you gave extended run to the seniors in Test Matches when the whole India believed it was idiocy to the core. With 3 Test matches gone in the wind, nothing left to save, the least a youngster would have benefited had he been included for the final test against Australia. But you still played oldies. All of a sudden, now you wake up only to realize you are in hurry to build the team for 2015 World Cup? That means, building future Test players are not your prerogative? To remind you, India has far bigger commitments in Test Cricket from late 2013. Oh I see, you have already decided to hang your Test boots before 2014 and it is somebodys headache now.

Coming back to slow movers statement, when was India ever tigers on the field? However with times, Indian teams has only improved. 20 years ago we were dead ducks, 10 years ago we were not bad, 5 years ago we were ok, Now, India challenge the best of fielding teams. Please remember, you are not forced to hide Romesh Powar in the field.

If grooming youngsters is the prime criteria why did you not play Varun Aaron even a single match in the ODI series held at England? Is it because a 33 yr old warhorse named Nehra was denied for your services? If thatz the case, what was the rationality to back Nehra? I’m sure the whole India knows that Gambir, Sehwag and Tendulkar are definitely better fielders and proven match winners ahead of Nehra.

As a fan I still prefer to watch India lose with youngsters. At the same time, I wish the seniors be dropped on performance grounds and not based on idiotic rotational policy.

On the note of partiality, what is the logic of backing Ravindra Jadeja ahead of Irfan Pathan? Even a kid knows it is wise choice to play a medium pacer ahead of spinner outside subcontinent. After all Ravindra Jadeja is neither a spinner like Vettori nor an all rounder like Jayasuriya to command a place. Thankfully, with his limited appearances in the comeback trail, Pathan has proved more than adequate to claim a spot in the side. The same time, Jadeja has not justified his talent for more than 3 years now.

Lastly, players in the squad gain their chance to play based on seniority and not on form. Come on, are we in Stone Age? Even a average fan knew Rohit Sharma was in rocking form over Virat Kohli at the start of the Test Series. Poor guy, he was benched far too long, now he is in hurry to make up for the time loss.

I may be your avid fan, but I’ve common sense to chew what you throw. Please remember, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!!!

Is it only after 4 Test Matches and 6 ODI’s you realized it is important to stay on the wicket and not throw your bat? Never mind. You have always expressed your disinterest for captaincy. All of a sudden why is this new love for the power? Is it because you can’t take the wrong calls by the captain? In that case, we have to remind you that your own captaincy is not inspirational either. Shut your mouth and let your bat do the talking. Earn your spot in the side; you will earn the right to question the captain.

Please prove your spot in the Test Side that plays outside subcontinent. Then you get the privilege of inviting the Aussies or Englishmen for a faceoff at home.

Have you decided to put a plaster on the mouth and watch this rooster fight? Is this why you worked so hard for the past 20 years? Just to watch your teams turn into a laughing stock and barrel!!! Sometimes it is important you let your mouth do the talking.

Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Vinay Kumar, Jadeja, Ashwin, Raina
It is millions of youngsters dream to be there where you are. It also becomes your responsibility to prove them you deserve it. If Thirumanne or Chandimal can flourish despite their shortcomings, what is bothering you to succeed? If the politics is killing your morale, feel free to blow the trump.

India is known for producing long term captains. It has worked out well so far. There is no need to meddle the theory because two guys fight personality clashes. Have a vision to groom the next captain by giving him short assignments. I hope you don’t want me to spell the assignments and who the captain should be.

Can you please vacate the scene? Unfortunately you are too big a baggage to carry.

Show us what we want to see. Then we will start watching what you wish to show.

A year ago I started this blog to vent my frustration when my own countrymen did not believe my country could do it. Today, I carry the same frustration to vent “My Country should not do it”.

Bottom line: With so many egos hurt, I still want to believe India will not go down with the fight.

Cricket Lover


  1. Awesome. Loved your question to sachin. Sachin knows when he opens his mouth cricket world shakes, and it is time to open his mouth.


  2. Well written Anna,

    Just shows your appetitte you have in cricket and also as always a adruent fan of Indian cricket .Last two overseas tours have been a disaster to say the least .But this willl be forgotten by IPL for the next two months. Tiwary deserves a chance so is rahul sharma.Time to look beyond seniors. !!!!



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