Sunday, February 5, 2012


I've come to the stage where I see no problem when India is totally outplayed. It is the blame game that is annoying now. Dhoni found fault with his spinners for leaking too many runs that eventually lead to the heavy loss in the first ODI against Australia (Ashwin 5-48-0, Rahul Sharma 6.2-44-1, Jadeja 2.4-41-0). There is no doubt the spinners bleed runs. But why did Dhoni have to play 3 specialist slow bowlers in a seamer friendly wicket? Totally baffling, considering the likes of Rohit Sharma and Suresh Raina can roll their arms too. Is this what they call DIE HARD WITH VENGENCE?

Surprisingly Vinay Kumar came up with an inspiration spell of 7-0-21-3. He consistently hit 140+ Km/Hr and made his critics (including me) lick their words. It is truly a heartening performance, but where did he hide this bowling when India badly needed it in the Perth Test. I wish this is not one match wonder from the bowler. Also Dhoni took the brave move of dropping (resting) Sehwag. Wonder why he did not take his bravery another notch by dropping Gambir too. Either ways Gambir is only making a fool of himself in this tour both with the bat and mouth.

India will look a better side when they lose the games with Rahane, Tiwary, Kohli and Raina in the XI. The best, the experience will help the youngsters when they return here for the 2015 World Cup. Anyways, nothing is going to happen with me cribbing. But I'm truly glad that there are few souls to read me.

IPL 2012
Good to see Ravindra Jadeja fetch 2M dollars in the IPL auction. As per the BCCI rules, he will be paid only 950,000$ (he is signed to play at this rate for 3 years with Kochi Tuskers) and the remaining 1+M dollars goes to BCCI's pocket. I've a quick question here. Last year, Murali signed Million Dollar deal with Kochi franchise. Now, Bangalore has grabbed him for paltry 250,000$. Will BCCI pay the remaining 750,000$ to Murali for the next 2 years? Will BCCI also pay VVS Laxman or any other player who did not find asylum this auction?

Sahara pulling the plug an hour before the auction was the height of drama. Curious to see if BCCI can patch up with Sahara to hold their franchise and Team India sponsorship. Since there is no Lalit Modi, I highly doubt if BCCI in its own capacity can find a scapegoat owner for the otherwise orphan warriors. Anyways, let us wait for the suspense to unfold.

One last question: If somebody know the answer please reply. Can BCCI be dissolved?

Lastly, it is truly sad to know "Yuvraj is diagnoised with Cancer". Trust me, I only anticipated AIDS. I hope the disease does not bring curtains to his career. He surely has a lot to contribute for Indian Cricket, especially when the super seniors are about to bow out one by one.

Bottom line: The Master Tactician is turning into Master Politician. INDIA LAUGHS!!!

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