Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bravo Dhoni!!!

It was a suicide mission executed with precision. Had the result gone the other way Dhoni would have been electrocuted for resting Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Bravo Dhoni!!! Man, You are the gutsiest.

Taking no credit away from Dhoni, I must say there were some big blunders committed by the opposition camp. First things first Australia rested Michael Hussey. This is an insane move particularly when the opposition is World Champion. The next mistake was opening with Ponting and playing Clarke at No.3. After these two got out early, there was not any experience player left to guide the show. Clarke & Co surely knows that they were 30 runs shy of the target. However the result still paid rich dividends in the form of “Peter Forrest”. He is a talent sure to go places. At no point, he played like a debutant and is highly unlikely to be benched next game. If not for this fascinating debut, Australia would have bundled out inside 200 in a true batting pitch. Interesting to see their team selection for the next 3 ODI’s. I think one or two of their bowlers will face the heat.

Had India not thrown away their wickets like that of Gambir, Sharma, Raina and Jadeja the victory would have been clinical. With 4 Balls to spare and 12 runs to win, the 120 meter bludgeon by Dhoni of McKay was sweeter than the World Cup winning shot. Still 6 runs needed of 3 balls, the no-ball here turned icing in cake. Starc was lucky in the last over against Sri Lanka, unfortunately Mckay wasn’t today. Two back to back wins and one coming against Australia, India must be high on morale. The same momentum should see them thru over Sri Lanka. 

Thankfully the series is not one sided as I anticipated it to be. I'm sure somewhere down the line Tiwary and Pathan will get their dues. Eventually India will field the best possible combination (bearing no politics) in the Finals. 

Full marks to Captain Cool. 

Cricket Lover

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