Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shame, shame... Puppy shame!!!

I’ve said this before. The tour of Australia is always going to be cruel. It redefines careers; also bring curtains to few. Now, before this series is far from over, the axe has already fallen on one of the illustrative cricketers of the era, Ricky Ponting. A saga ended without respect. This is largely due to the fault of the cricketer himself for not acknowleding his time was up. I wonder why cricketers don’t realize the importance of leaving the game on high note. The moment a player pass his prime (both on cricket and age), no hard work will suffice. However there is always a classy performance that is bound to come here and there. But these performances comes from MEMORY and MEMORY only. So, if the player misjudge the one off innings/season for form and stretch his career for any length of time, it is the height of stupidity. What a shame to see Ricky Ponting go this way. I wish Laxman and Dravid don’t leave it too late for the fate to dictate. For now, I’m only assuming that Tendulkar is lost in the quest of Century of Centuries. But surely his clock is ticking too.

The divided Indian Team is finding the CB Series too hot handle. Unable to fight the opposition, team has decided to fight each other in the media. Firstly to the delight of pundits, Dhoni’s rotation policy misfired in the game against Australia. Captain Cool further dug his own grave by terming the trio of Sehwag, Tendulkar and Gambir as slow movers to be fielded in the same game. There may be some truth to the statement; but I still can’t buy the argument. When was India ever a brilliant fielding side? And now, Sehwag has contradicted Dhoni openly. However his own ammunition failed to fire today against Sri Lanka is a different story. Finally, Sakshi coming in support of her husband in Twitter has made this politics a complete mockery. Doesnot anybody in BCCI has the backbone to fix these guys?

I’m totally perplexed at Dhoni and Sehwag. What is their agenda? Do they demand their own ouster? Is their ego bigger than the team? But curious to see if Dhoni has the guts to stick to his tongue and rotate the trio as he lead India in the next game.

By any means, if Dhoni don’t bend his back and win the confidence from his crew, it is early flight back home.

Australia didn’t delay the inevitable. They quickly sacked Ponting and brought back Watson (even if he is ready or not). They also benched Starc for Harris. They have clearly realized the rise of Sri Lanka and got into corrective measures before it is too late. Lucky for the Aussies, India is still fighting within themselves.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is gaining strength to strength from each match. The youngsters are surely coming up in flying colors in the shadow of their seniors. The game against Australia should be an even match up, though odds might favor Australia.

Bottom Line: Rotation Policy or not India can win matches only if they play as ONE TEAM.

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  1. India's success has always been the key individuals in the series like these .
    Yuvi is being missed immensely and thats the reason for all the hot things outside .
    Please be patient for one month or so all the so called cricket fans will look at IPL , the crazy face of the cricket on the other wrong side of the coin .
    All the shot selection which got the senior players back to the pavilion had never been in the cricket book , so its not just Dhoni's comments but also its the hot mirchi that a game can bring between Delhi Dare Devils and Chennai Super Kings :)


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