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What fans have to say about Tendulkar retirement...

With Tendulkar being unTendulkarish in the past few months, there is a sudden distress felt by the media and the ex-servicemen. Curious to know if the common cricket fan feels the same way. Lets hear what the fans have to say...

Sabyasachi Chatterjee Pressure is Tendulkar's middle name. From the age of 16 he has been under pressure. Forget what tom, dick and harry is saying. But the truth is it is painful to see Tendulkar playing in a team that has talent but no motivation or desire. The problem is he is not the young Tendulkar when he use to change the team fortune single handedly game after game. Sachin has achieved everything. He cares more about the team than his form or achievement (somehow there are people who think the other way which is utter non-sense). With the team sucking big time and he is not meeting the standards he has set in the last 22 years, people want him to retire. Because for a person like him you don’t want him to retire when his form (better than others but below average by his standard) and team's form is low. Sourav has said it right about him regarding ODI’s. If he is not going to play every game or tournament then there is no need for him to play the one day games. Do not get me wrong. I am not suggesting he should retire. But at this time of his career he should be more forthcoming to the media and people about his plan, like a Ricky Ponting.

Giriraj Prakasam I think it’s because of 100. all are expecting this for past 1 year and no result. So just frustration.

Souvik Banerjee Completely agree

Amit Patel This batting maestro should answer all this debates with his grand ton. He is not failed at all in performance; he is only a ton away from his big achievement. This is common mentality of Indian media and old players to pull legs of anyone ahead of them. People always threw players whom have kept entire nation's pride on their shoulders for years but only they don't score in couple of matches as per people's expectation.

Anubhav Chopra I believe the pressure is being laid on Tendulkar simply due to Ricky pointing retiring. Like Ricky, Tendulkar has seen a lot more greats come and go and more so India and others who want Tendulkar to retire are using the downturn in Indian team as an excuse for this predicament. Tendulkar still has to offer a lot more to the youngsters, and just his mere presence on the pitch is confidence to the batsmen on the other end. In my opinion, Tendulkar is still performing, although it has been a little while since we have seen a big ton from him, but that should not lead to retirement news. Tendulkar is pure class and someone special who has gotten better with time. As such, there should not be any retirement pressure, rather focus on getting the next generation ready to lead the WC team.

Dharmendra Ponala If you ask all cricket boards including BCCI whether Sachin Tendulkar should be playing in any form of international cricket...the answer would be a big YES. Because he has now become a great ambassador of the game and a true inspiration, leave alone the commercial value he adds to the game. I am sure most of us didn't even cared what happened in WI when India went for a tour without Sachin after last year's WC. But everyone at that time knew that Sachin will be featuring in AUS tour. Obviously the expectations of Indian fans have grown quite high thanks to idiotic media circus around his 100th ton. Since WC he has just played 5 ODIs in AUS and people are talking about his retirement. They have very short memory. They forget that he is the leading run getter for us in the WC. In the recent AUS test series; he is the 2nd highest run scorer for India. In my view, Sachin will give up cricket ODI or Tests when he himself doesn't enjoy the game anymore. Till that point of time no one has any sort of rights to drop him or ask him to retire. Also I don't think we can see any other cricketer like Sachin in our life time.

Sudarshan Sadagopan Its a tough time for him even if he scores 50 or 60. unless he scores a 100 none will be quiet as we always think that Sachin normally fights out of slump with a slow and steady innings. He did that few times but with milestone ahead those things aren’t visible. Only thing i would prefer is him not being dropped. Media plays a big role in this. He has to plan to retire in a series in india. Hopefully with a 100.

Narayanan Pai O Sachin, please retire!!! I can’t hear some crazy bugger's cry. There are some stupid Indians, who you play for are either jealous of you or think that you're old. These useless people can watch a 70 year old guy acting as hero and super hero without any complaint for decades but not a sheer genius like yours. Many people like me still love to see you bat, bat and bat. The memories and joy you gave are still fresh. With all my disgust I can say is "STFU" for all those who want you to retire now itself for not playing for few matches.

Govindarajan Srinivasan When compared to others VVS and Dravid were not so terrible that they should be sacked or should retire from tests. Did we feel the same way during and after test series? Sachin played 10 innings at least so far in this tour and none of them contributed towards the team’s success hence the pressure. Given the mediocre contributions of all the 3 guys (in different forms of cricket) there are “NO” 3 other strong/consistent contenders for their spots waiting in line is my humble opinion. Pressure on Sachin to retire is a joke. We should find a way to win consistently and not be joking around.

Sai Mahesh Tendulkar should retire from ODI and Dhoni from Tests with immediate effect. 

Jayaraman Arjunan We love him so much that we don't want to see him fail. He has set high standards in the game and we want him to set one more standard for leaving the game as well. Because whatever he does, has a great impact on the next generation.

Kishore Kumar It is just that he has not performed in the tour apart from two fluent innings in the test series and couple of starts in few ODIs. But neither did any of the team members in the tour. The expectation is that having reached that saturation ...point. when he is not able to deliver then how can u expect youngsters to deliver. It is high time that he takes a decision before IPL starts and more criticism to come. Either deliver or retire :)
The media is on a roll and is creating an impact. If he delivers he is great , if not retire. Just wondering how media plays an important role in an individual decision making specially in cricket when compared to other sports in India

Sambhav Jain I agree 100%, its unbelievable when experts like Dean Jones and Kapil Dev start talking about his retirement, he's barely played ODI's since his double ton, looked one of the best batsman for India at least in tests and its strange how thes...e so called experts think, if you are to question performances, what about sehwag?No one indian batsman has been able to leave a mark in both Tests and ODI's, i expect people to do more homework before they talk about Sachin retiring, but thats just me.

After going thru some of the opinions of the fans, it is quite clear that the little master’s time is not up yet. If he could carry the burden of India in his small shoulders for 20 long years, can’t India carry him for few more years? After all, if Sachin realize he is a burden/hindrance to the team’s success, he himself will bid adieu.

Bottom line: Cheap media stunt to gain publicity. Few ex-servicemen are prey to this.

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