Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tuskers Cart Reeling...

Moment the ball bounced and moved for Tuskers seamers against the Punch Bags, I was in a hurry to finish off my post “Bouncers” yesterday. After all I got the article for today, however I did leave prelude for this post.

Definitely felt the curator and the management of Kochi including Jayawardane must be insane for preparing a wicket like this to the likes of Dale Steyn and Ishanth Sharma. Having Sreeshanth, RP Singh and Vinay Kumar in the lineup, the idea of preparing such wicket is super good, but the choice of opposition to execute it is super bad.

Deccan not only had the advantage of Sangakara and White who were blessed with skills to take the challenge on this wicket, they also had the fire power of Steyn and Sharma to seal it for them. If you read the Deccan scorecard, you could interpret that there was hardly anybody apart from these two, had the ability to play on the wicket. To Kochi’s fate, except for Jaya there was no cricketer in the lineup to handle that wicket, leave alone the likes of facing Steyn & co. Sadly for Kochi Jaya perished early.

If you have followed IPL 2010, you must have noticed that Ray Jennings successfully deployed this tactics for RCB. But then Bangalore was blessed with Steyn and Dravid in the lineup to execute the plans. Hopefully Tuskers or any other team do their homework right prior venturing such experiments.

Bottom Line: Ishanth Sharma must have sensed a ray of hope for the wearing national jersey in the near future.

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