Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gary Kirsten - The Dronacharya of Indian Cricket !!!

Its been a memorable last few days of Indian cricket and to me the man who mattered the most was Gary Kirsten.

World cup was his final swan song and what a way to finish the same!!!

A smiling assassin who went about his routine procedures to a nicety was the fulcrum to team India's success in the 2011 edition of the World Cup.

On a lighter note, he is the only South African who has tasted World Cup success. India had always been a breeding ground for overseas coaches but none could match the charisma of the South African. Mind goes back to Greig Chappell who was suppose to coach Team India ran into a lot of criticism and tussle with most of the players and importantly with DADA .

A man of few words, Gary made it large and has been instrumental in India achieving No 1 status in Test Cricket, part of the world cup 20-20 team and now the coveted World Cup 2011.

And most rightly, he was lifted by team members as a part of the victory lap after the finals.

What else can one ask for from a coach? He has earned the respect of his team mates and most importantly their confidence.

His role along with Paddy has brought some of the best talents in the Indian team. They have moulded each and every individual and TEAM INDIA is ready to take on the world.

They are a force to reckon with and no praise is less for the great man from Cape Town.

He now bid's adieu as coach but his achievements will be etched in memory of most INDIANS for a lifetime.

Thanks Gary, you made the difference.....

M Krishnan
If Cricket were to be my Religion, Sachin will be my God

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