Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Barrel on the Move!!!

In the past we did have players like Arjuna Ranatunga, David Boon and few others who did not have the athletic appearance but surely blessed with talent to create big impact in the game. As times changed we started witnessing cricketers appearing lean and mean with lots of athleticism.

Shane Warne, shed almost 8 kilos to appear slim and trim at the age of 42 for IPL 4. Rahul Dravid at 38 looks so young that he could almost beat a 20 years old model in ramp. It is hard to differentiate Ricky Ponting of the early 20’s with the Ricky Ponting of today in terms of appearance. Thanks to Dabar Chavanprash/Medical Miracle/Hair Transplantation – call whatever that thing is, Jacques Kallis look youthful as ever after he grew some hair to back his fitness. The legendary Lara hit the gym hard for a second innings in IPL 4. Shoaib Akthar went to another level to have liposuction to survive few more International seasons. Finally not to leave out Sachin Tendulkar, who stands miles ahead of the others by keeping in best of shape to be a force to reckon in the 2015 World Cup.

As Individuals work so hard to stay in shape, the spotlight on the fitness reached another altitude when Yuvraj Singh was shown doors from the Indian Cricket Team few months ago on fitness grounds.

In the modern era where size matters, it is really surprising to see the last reminiscence of Ranatunga’s on the field. Mind you he is not even the rarest breed of talent who could afford to take leverage on his size.
It truly baffles how the franchise picked him in the auction not to mention including him in the playing 11. When that happens it is heartening to see the bowler hardly putting an effort to stop the ball that runs inches away of his own bowling for four runs. When play resumed after rain delay, on a wet and heavy outfield, he could hardly run to save another four that came from the inside edge of the blades of Raina.

If he cannot control his body, I wonder how he could control the game as bowler or a batsman or as a fielder. Thankfully God did not bless with the minds of Ranatunga.

Bottom Line: For now, Ramesh Powar surely sets a wrong precedence for the players of future generations.

Cricket Lover

PS: Unfortunately I could not locate exclusive pics Ramesh Pawar. I hope you are able spot him in the above pic.

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