Monday, April 4, 2011

Will Sachin Play? Can Dhoni Win?

Questions have started popping from all corners of the globe on what would be Dhoni’s motivation from here on? He has won the T20 World Cup in 2007, IPL in 2010, Champion’s League in 2010, lead India to become the No.1 side in ICC Test rankings and finally the World Cup in 2011. Does he have anything left to conquer?
The big feather that has been eluding the Master for the past 21 years has finally found its place in the Crown. Is he left with anything to achieve? Is he left with any motivation to play?
I wish to answer these questions in layman terms prior answering the same in a cricketer's perspective.
As a common man, do we ever say, I’m already earning enough and I don’t need any more cents on my salary, here on? Do we ever dare to even think like that? Isn’t the greedy persona in us drive us to earn more and more and more and finally push us to say the words, no matter how much I earn, nothing is enough. I hope the explanation has sufficiently answered the questions that doubt Dhoni and Sachin’s motivation here on.
From a cricketer standpoint, it is simply not about the batsman to pile up tons of runs for the sake of hunger or the bowler to stack up wickets based on greedy. There is lot more than this. It is called ADDICTION. To be precise it is one of the worst of drug addiction. The sound of ball meeting the middle of the bat creates an ecstasy in the batsman that is equivalent to few dose of heroin. The buzz the ball creates when it fly past the ears of the batsman is worth a few tequila shots. Similarly, when the bowler makes the batsman dance to his tunes, it creates the killer feelings of a drunkard.
Now you must have realized yourself that Sachin Tendulkar is lot worse than a drug addict. It is this addiction to the hunger kept the legend going. He would not quit until his body quits. He will push every bit of himself to stay in shape to prolong his career as long as possible. May be you, but I won’t be surprised if he is there around to play the 2015 World Cup.  Much like Sachin, Dhoni’s addictions to victories are hard to give up. He will keep piling as many victories as possible to end up becoming the most successful captain the world ever witnessed.
When these legends truly finish, they would have already built so many records that it would take few life times to beat.
Bottom Line: Just like my Superstar Rajnikanth says "You just watched the trailer. The main picture is about to begin".

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