Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Virtual Stadium experience

Imagine being in a Stadium with all your classmates, child hood friends, neighbours, co-workers and relatives for the most important match of your life! Courtesy of Channel Nine, illegal video streaming and Facebook, I had the joy of seeing my dream come true last night and sharing the joy with all the people who matter to me in the World.

An avid Indian cricket fan living away from most of my friends in Sydney, Australia, I have been dreaming of the day when I watch India win the World Cup with all my friends. The GAME ran from 8PM to 4AM my time. Extremely tired after spending the day at an Amusement Park, I enjoyed the first innings with a friend over Black Label. Tired and sleepy, I was struggling to stay awake during the second innings. Thanks to the hundreds of updates, commments, likes, emotions portrayed by my friends over Facebook, I was able to stay awake and enjoy the WIN! We went through the tensions, agonies and joys together. Thanks a lot guys for the great time!

India has won the Cricket World Cup 2011!! I cannot describe my happiness.

Hopefully we will recreate the Virtual stadium at the end of the year when India is in Australia to try and overcome the final frontier i.e. win its first ever Test Series in Australia. Till next time..

Sai Mahesh
Sydney, Australia

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