Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm a World Cup Winner!!!

What just happened in my life?

Running out of words to explain. It was this one thing that I've been praying and craving for years. I know I'm going to experience this today. When it came in my way, i truly did not know how to react. The best I manage to do was to run down tears in litres.

Is this what this feeling is all about? Is this what it would have been for those who witnessed it in 1983?
The sense of restlessness started last night. Could not sleep a bit. Woke up every half hour to see if it was 4.30 am already. I was scared if I would miss any action. Infact I was already awake to shut the alarm off before it rang bang bang.

After about 9.30 hours of impatient wait, my country was officially crowned as the World Champions. The feeling was equivalent to a thousand volcano eruption. Difficult to put in words. But I'm sure I felt more happy, more proud and shed more tears then I first became a father. Count me on this.

But the journey was never easy. It was like fighting a battle every moment. Meeting my own countrymen who challenged the faith every day. At times, I really appeared fool in many eyes.

Who is Team India? It is everyone of us. If we doubt our country it means to say we doubt our own ability. Is there something that we could achieve anything in life when we doubt our credentials? That was the only thought that ran in my mind all the time, as I came across every doubter.

Atlast the battle is over. My country just won the world cup and I witnessed every moment of it. I'm now a Crazy Mad Insane Indian.

Now everyone is beating their chests proudly to say "We won the World Cup". I’m sure as they beat the chest, they also pump the heart to be filled with self belief, courage and confidence.

Bottom Line: The dream has come true. I’ve become a World Cup winner. And so you are.

Crazy Cricket Lover

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