Friday, April 8, 2011

India bought the World Cup.

It is painful to hear that the defeat of Pakistan and Sri Lanka to India in the World Cup are viewed with suspicion by some section of people.
The crazy cricket lover in me screams in agony, “What the crap are you talking? Why do you want to believe that these countries sold out to India on political and financial grounds? Is it so that India is politically and financially stronger than Australia to buy the Quarter Finals too? When Pakistan lose to New Zealand by 100 runs it’s a fair game, when Sri Lanka lose to Pakistan it is a fair game, but when a much superior Indian side beat any of these two teams, it becomes a conspiracy?
Come on. Give me a break.
If you still believe what you believe is right, then you can also go on to believe that India not only bid for the World Cup hosting rights, but for the World Cup Trophy too”.
Keeping the emotions aside, I wish to analyze this issue in a different perspective. The more I try find an answer, more the questions that pop up.
Why is the match fixing saga still bothering the subcontinent so much? Why is that we don’t embrace our defeat but view it with suspicion? When we suspect our defeats, why don’t we suspect and interrogate some of our victories that we won from no hope situations? Are we bad losers? Or are we bad losers to only certain oppositions? Why are the South Africans who were equally affected by match fixing controversies some years ago are able accept the defeats with grace?
A simple answer to all these questions would be, if we don’t have faith in the game, why do we have to follow. When our country is defeated in other sports we hardly care. Then why do we have to care so much for cricket?
Though it explains, the answer is hardly convincing. It is because we are emotionally attached to the game of cricket. Thus, we celebrate the victories wild. We grieve heavily on the defeats.
This is also the reason when our countries lose to another nation that is emotionally bonded to cricket, we raise eye brows. However, when our countries lose to another country like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, England who are less emotionally attached to cricket, we only introspect the failure and not the fairness.
Finally, from cricketers stand point, no player want to lose the game. After all, the player achieves more glory, more money and more adoration only for winning the game. It hurts them even more when you question their loyalty.
I still have some faith left in cricket. I promise that the game is played fair these days. Despite a dark chapter, I’m sure match fixing is not something stone carved in our memories. The nightmares will heal as time pass by.

Cricket Lover

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