Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Modi disappointed. Quotes "Nobody thanked IPL for World Cup Victory"

CCL was able to interview the currently suspended formerly chairman and commissioner of IPL, Mr. Lalit Modi after India’s victory.

Hi Lalit, you must be happy after India won the world cup?
Yes. But I’m slightly disappointed with the fact that nobody cared to thank IPL for this victory.

What !#&*? Could you care to explain how this world cup has anything to do with IPL?
To be honest, it is only fair if this victory is dedicated to IPL. Just imagine yourself how it would have been had we scheduled IPL ahead of world cup this year? I’m sure players would be complaining tiredness, exertion, exhaustion, injury, turbulence, turmoil, hijack, nausea, constipation, cholera, jaundice, typhoid, hernia etc for the failure.

Yeah. Now it makes sense. I’m surprised how we missed it. But your answer prompted another question. Don’t you think the players would be coming up with same excuses for playing in IPL after the world cup?
No way. You are again missing the point. Money can heal any wound.

Yeah. That is absolutely right. But again the players are about to get 1 crore rupees for the world cup victory.
Come on. You must be joking. That money is just a pocket change compared to what they make in playing 6 weeks of cricket in IPL.

So you meant to say that this world cup victory means nothing to any of these players or the nation?
Well, it means something.  From my perspective, the Trophy looks better than the IPL’s.

Is that all?
And ofcourse, the Jerseys of teams in world cup were better than the IPL's.

The TRP ratings says that the world cup semi finals and finals had double the viewership than IPL finals?
That is mainly because the Tamil Nadu government had issued free TV to every household in the wake of elections. That should explain your question to why TRP ratings doubled.

That does not explain the viewership of the whole India. Is it?
Before I answer this question, I wish to call for a timeout. I cannot really talk any more without an Ad break.

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