Thursday, April 7, 2011

IPL Some funny names... what a shame?

It drives me nuts when I read some of the IPL team names. Some jerseys are unbelievably crazy.
For starters, I would like to dig at my home team.

Name: Chennai Super Kings, Jersey: Yellow & Blue
It is hard to separate the word "Super" from the people of Chennai. As a matter of fact, the Tamil scholars are working hard day and night to verify if the word “Super” actually originated from Tamil. If not now, in the near future I see the word “Super” to be declared Tamil word and “Tamil Nadu” will be rechristened “Super Nadu”.

Sorry for the diversion. Ideally it should have been Chennai Super Stars. Because the name was already registered with an ICL team, the owners had to settle with Super Kings. Having grown up watching the Australian yellow green, the new bright yellow with blue does not go well is only an understatement. Today you may not find it too bad, as your mind is used to the colors.

Name: Kings XI Punjab, Jersey: Silver and Red
Apologies to you my Punjabi friends. Truly feel like throwing up when I call this name. Is this the best name they could ever come up with? Oh my god, their dress. Leave alone the players, a pretty Preity in the costume of silver and red, yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeee. This time I really threw up after the imagination.

Sometimes I’m forced to think is it their name and jersey that is causing the failure? I for sure don’t feel like rooting Kings XI just for the sake of name and jersey. However the jersey has marginally improved in the past 2 years.

Name: Kochi Tuskers Kerala
This is much better than “Indi Commandoes Kerala”. I’m positive every one of you must have laughed out loud when “Indi Condoms Kerala” was doing rounds. Thankfully it forced the owners to come up with a different name. Again, Kochi Tuskers Kerala doesn’t sound any great. It gives a feeling that the owners are promoting Kochi to be the new Capital for Kerala.

Often it is confusing, is it Kolkata Knight Raiders or Riders. I bet if you pick 10 people random and ask them to abbreviate KKR, not everyone would get it right on spelling.

Thankfully Deccan Chargers improved their jersey in the past few editions.

The gold helmets of Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals at times create an impression that these folks are still soldiers of King’s era.

Some teams names are 3 words, some with 2, some include city/state names at the start while few in the end, some even go on to include both state and city in the name. Not to leave out the new team that included city and country in the team name.

Bottom Line: Million thanks to those brilliant minds for coming up with funny names that beats laughter therapy.

Cricket Lover

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