Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Losing Captain but a Winning Team !!!

Losing Captain, but a winning side!!! This is a seldom episode in cricket. Vettori is predominately a losing captain for his country New Zealand. Victories are rare commodity for him. The nucleus of Dilshan, Kohli, De Villers, S Tiwary, Zaheer, Nannes and Vettori himself make Royal Challengers Bangalore a mercurial side. There is lot of energy and exuberance that should see this core mostly on the winning side in IPL.
Will this combination work?
I’m as curious as you. We have mostly witnessed an average side suddenly finding an inspirational skipper to turn them to world champions. Some classic examples are Kapil Dev’s India, Imran’s Pakistan, Dhoni’s 2007 T20 team. The next that we often witnessed is a Team built over years to become a force to reckon with. Australia, Arjuna’s Sri Lanka, Dhoni’s India, Strauss England Test team are some good examples.

Vettori’s RCB is definitely a rare occurrence. Though Vettori a sure shot candidate for captaincy, the appointment must have sweetly raised few brows. It is not the case that RCB left with any choice. They have Zaheer, who is more or less the captain of India’s bowling unit. They have Kohli. May be Kohli must have appeared little too early for leadership at this stage. Again there are always exceptions in cricket.
If Vettori can inspire this Team to glory, he should surely revisit his decision on quitting Kiwi captaincy. After all one glory, no matter how big or how small the stage is, it totally change the world upside down for the personality. Again if Vettori could not take this side anywhere near playoffs, the mantle will be passed to another RCB mate without much fuss.
Bottomline: Acid Test for Vettori and RCB
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