Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going…

That is exactly what comes to mind after witnessing the comeback win by the Chennai Super Kings. Chennai is mostly known for its conservative start, keeping their wickets intact, tickling the scoreboard about 6 – 7 runs an over; eventually go after the bowling towards the end of the innings. In the game against Pune, for a moment the approach appeared to have backfired as the runs were far too harder to come as the ball lost its sheen. In the end the men in yellow managed to put a slightly below par total of 142. While I was keeping my fingers crossed with ifs and buts theories, many must have ruled out the Chennai victory at this point.

In the end, the Super Kings truly bowled and fielded like champions to convince that the total 142 is actually too much to defend. It is my opinion that Pune failed to read the script, right from the start of their second innings. Had they opened the batting with Robin Uthappa, one of their best stroke players to have a go at the new ball, also the only time where run making was far too conducive on that wicket, Pune could have wrapped it in style.

I do agree that in the game of T20, individual brilliance often eclipse the team strength. But, you still need the team strength, chemistry and composition, complimented by good captaincy to run the long mile.
This is exactly where Super Kings are way ahead from the rest of the folks.

When people say Chennai would not make it to the last 4, in my opinion, it is equivalent to beating the gravitational theory.
Is it really possible that Dhoni, the new world cup winning captain, could not inspire his team to qualify for the IPL playoffs? I’m sorry readers; I would be the last soul to buy this. If you are still circumspect, you can wait to watch the climax with anxiety.

At the halfway stage, let us revisit how the others are doing.
Mumbai was earlier reeling heavily on Tendulkar shoulders, now slowly coming to scheme of things. Though the master is to be blamed for the run appetite to play full quota of overs, it is good to see batsman like Symmonds and Rohit Sharma coming to terms with the willow in the recent games. Now Malinga assured to play full length of the tournament, Mumbai is secured a spot in the top 4.

Despite a mercurial side, RCB is found wanting on captaincy thus far. However the management needs to be appreciated for signing Chris Gayle out of the blue. Dilshan, Gayle combo followed by DeVillers, Kohli and Tiwary should keep their hopes alive, if not a guaranteed spot in top 4.

Knight Riders surely look to be an all round side. They appear balanced in all departments. Though their captaincy hurts, there are not too many brilliant captains leading their IPL teams anyways.

Daredevils clearly don’t have any noble agenda of winning the title. They appear to be party crashers. Opposition Teams just have to keep their fingers crossed as they don’t get butchered by the devils.

Despite Lawson being a good addition to Warriors, Pune’s bowling lacks venom. Yuvi, Uthappa and Ryder have loads of work to do. Though Manhas, Mishras and Pandeys are wonderful talents, consistency doesn’t seem to be their folklore until now. At this point, Pune look like a side to finish at the bottom half.

Kochi is the tale of two warriors (McCullum and Jaya) aided by Jaddu’s all-round cricket. They have done the job well so far. It is only a matter of time before their bubble bursts.

There is hardly anything to talk about the punch bags of the tournament “The Deccan Chargers”. Looks like their tale will continue the same way and everyone of their win will only be considered an upset of the opposition.

The Royals are clearly the unpredictable. No idea what is their batting order, bowling line up or game plan. Warne’s trick continues to perplex everyone. Despite unpredictable they can never be discounted.

Kings XI definitely turned to be the sweet surprise package of the edition. My heart goes all out for Preity boys to finish top 4. For now they are surely the Royals of 2008. No one will believe until they actually make it.

Bottomline: Though the men in yellow are challenged, it will boil down to who can challenge the Super Kings.

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