Friday, September 28, 2012

Captain Cool appears Fool

He jumps in joy, screams maniacally, runs all over the streets of Najafgarh. That man appears to be in serious mood of celebration. As he turned towards my direction, I spotted him. He saw that. He vanished quickly and appeared in the dugout of Indian Team at Premadasa Stadium, Colombo. As the camera panned close to him, he tried to sit motionless. I know that behavior was far from truth considering how he is feeling inside. But I don’t blame him. He is only trying to meet the demands of etiquettes.

Well, the above was only my imaginary vision trying to capture the mood of Sehwag after Australia decimated India in the Super 8s match of World T20.

If everything went in Dhoni’s favor to officially DROP Sehwag from the XI to claim supremacy in the political battle, in the following hours, everything went in Sehwag’s favor for Dhoni to lose the cricket battle against opposition. It appeared all batsman and bowlers including replacements (Harbhajan Singh, Piyush Chawla) mourned for Sehwag’s eviction by failing in unison.

Dhoni excuses “surface improved after the rain break that made it easier for the Australian batsman during the chase, the outfield turned wet and held against spinners to grip the ball” sounded more a pathetic joke after the stranglehold performance by the opposition.

Finally, India’s chance of making it to the Semi Finals is in serious jeopardy.  

I personally, don’t like the calamity of the Indian dressing room. Neither Sehwag nor Dhoni appears a winner in this rooster fight in the current state. Even for Dhoni to succeed as a captain, Dhoni needs a player like Sehwag. For Sehwag to perform, Dhoni has to make the environment conducive. Sehwag should be made a welcome player in the side. Sehwag should be playing with the mindset that he is in the side to make a difference and rather playing in the side to prove a point.  

Also, if Sehwag were to prolong his International career, he should start giving it to Dhoni. There is no way Sehwag is a better skipper than Dhoni. Since most of the players in the side are still very young and far from ready to Captaincy, for the good of Indian Cricket, India needs Dhoni at the helm of affairs. Don't know who is going to give up their ego first.

Having lost this match with the negative run rate of 2.56, India made its position precarious. Unless Dhoni go ahead and pick Sehwag in the remaining matches and Sehwag reciprocates by all guns blazing in next two games, India is set to bid adieu after Super 8s of this tournament.

Anyways, the wait is not going to be too long!!!

Cricket Lover

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