Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Play him or send him...

What is the point in having him (Pujara) in the squad and not playing him? The least if he is released, Sourashtra will benefitted for having their star player in the side for the upcoming Semi Finals against Punjab in the ongoing season of Ranji Trophy. And it does give Sourashtra a fair opportunity to fight against Punjab. Sometimes, it is disappointing to see the way things work in Indian Cricket.

While I’m baffled as how Gambir continues to play game after game despite a horrendous run (for a long time now) with the peculiar technique of prodding the ball outside the off stump (that makes me puke), a friend of mine gave an interesting theory. According to him, Srinivasan & Co did not want public to believe, Gambir ouster is influenced by a political motto. Well, it wasn’t too hard for me to buy the theory. However, I still feel it was never Dhoni’s style to drop a senior player (it took him forever to drop Sehwag from the T20 and ODI) from the playing XI. Eventually, the selectors eased his pain by dropping Sehwag from T20 and ODIs squad permenantly. By all means, I opine, Dhoni again wish the selectors to take the ownership and drop Gambir from the side too. Anyways, we will have our answers as selectors gather to announce the squad for the final two one dayers on 19th Jan.

In the meantime, let me present you another dimension to this subject. I guess Gambir and Sehwag will not be fielded together in Indian colors. Obviously both of them in the same team would be too much pain for Dhoni. Gambir in all probability will be restricted to limited overs cricket, while Sehwag in Tests only. Well, that is only my personal speculation. We will have to wait and see if the speculation carries any merit when the squad for the Test Series against Austraila is announced. By any means, Rahane should be thanked for Gambir’s extended run in the playing XI (in the ongoing one day series). Obviously, Rahane scores more or less the same amount of runs as Gambir in every game since the final ODI against Pakistan. That makes Gambir undroppable, while Pujara waits in the wings for no reasons.

Between, India won the 2nd ODI against England quiet emphatically. As the games moved to the smaller centers, all those pace, bounce, movement have become very subtle or none. The tracks are more in the lines of typical sub-continent surface. It was no surprise, Jadeja won man of the match (although after his performance), while I was little surprised that the award did not go to Mahinder Singh Dhoni for his scintillating 72 and Captaincy.

As the game moves to Dhoni’s Home Town, it should be another run fare.

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