Thursday, April 12, 2012

IPL TRP Ratings

It is good to see full stadiums in almost all the matches played in IPL thus far. However these are still early stages of the tournament. But, I’m truly surprised by the public support especially after the poor performances by the Indian Team in the recent days. Having said that I started researching the TRP Ratings of the tournament out of curiosity.

If you have any time and patience, please click the hyperlinks and read the articles on TRP ratings published in cricketnext 2011espncricinfo 2011 and 2012.

More than the TRP ratings of IPL, the point that appealed to me the most is biased journalism. According to cricketnext, IPL-4 (2011) finals attracted better viewership in comparison to IPL-3 finals. However cricinfo contradicted the same. And then, cricinfo TRP analysis of 2012 when compared with 2011, gives a feeling that the report is largely intended to manipulate statstics to present huge viewership decline. My good friend often mention these statements “Stats is a bitch. You can manipulate the way you want to present one superior over the other”. It perfectly fits here. Had ESPN broadcasting this tournament, will cricinfo publish such articles (especially that shows viewership decline)? Never mind. However to some extent I do find difference in people mentality in terms of discussing IPL in social networking site such as facebook. The talks about IPL are subtle compared to previous editions. This is awkward especially when fans throng stadiums while friends play it quiet in social networking forum. The soon I find the answer, will keep you posted.

Anyways, public support or not, the tournament has been a disappointment so far in terms of producing tight finishes. Except the Mumbai Vs Deccan encounter most of the games have been lopsided. Hope the trend changes in the coming days. Even the commentary of Danny Morrison, Sunil Gavaskar, Tom Moody continue to produce more sound than substance.

The Fall of Super Kings, Rise of Royals & Warriors kindle interest. Not sure if the trend will continue or reverse in the near future. Rahane’s 98, Styen's hostile spell against Mumbai Indians, Rohit Sharma's match winning 73 against Chargers are  bright moments. Knight Riders & Yusuf Pathan's tendency to fail often live up to the tradition. Hogg replacing Warne keeps the old war horse feature of Royals reputation alive. Pity the likes of Wridhiman Saha, Robin Bist, RP Singh and few others who were caught in the web of big franchises and missing out action on the field.

Everytime I watch Rahane bat, I wonder why he is not playing for India. Such a gifted timing, lot of grace and Tendukarish Touch – he is sure to go places.

Bottom line: Don’t know what the TRP ratings say, but good cricket will find following.

Cricket Lover

PS: Not sure if the recently concluded Test Match between Australia and West Indies caught the eye balls of cricket lovers. It will remain one of the best test matches played this year. Curious to know the TRP rating of this match!!!

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