Thursday, November 15, 2012

India torments England!!!

Immediately after the first day’s play of the First Test Match, I’m sure England must have decided the composition for the Second Test. In all likelihood, Finn will replace Anderson and Panesar should replace Bresnan.

On a beauty of a batting surface, where the ball hardly bounced above knee, Sehwag and Pujara made a mockery of England pace bowlers. Sehwag playing a typical Sehwag innings was a treat to watch. But Pujara turned to be the real beauty. The moment he arrived at the crease, he looked totally at ease and dominated the partnership, which I’m sure surprised many. It is not often you see, a rookie dominating the partnership especially that includes A Sehwag on Song.

As much as Sehwag and Pujara sizzled, India had its share of disappointments from Gambir, Tendulkar and Kohli. Gambir started edgy, gave half chances, slowly made it up, again looked unconvincing against Swann with futile cut shots and eventually dug his grave playing a cut. I don’t think India will bat twice in this Test Match and that leaves Gambir to prove his mettle in the Second Test to get selected for the remaining two Tests.

Tendulkar entertained during his brief stay. A cuttish drive for four, a flick to square leg fence, a sweep to midwicket boundary, finally when attempted to loft the ball over long on for six, he only managed to find the fielder Samit Patel at midwicket. The commentators hailed every one of his strokes, but I personally felt, Tendulkar has played these same strokes more classy during his prime. I anticipate 500-600 runs from Tendulkar before the end of Aussie series. Let us see what is in store for the little master.

To England’s credit, their bowlers did create few openings. Gambir was close to getting bowled inside edge at the very start. Again when Gambir tried to dance down the wicket of Swann, he almost gave a return catch. It is only because of South paws luck the ball flew few inches above Swann’s fingers. Pujara at the start of his innings played a false stroke, which resulted in the ball falling few yards behind Anderson at Mid-On. Batting at 80, Sehwag gave a catch to Matt Prior down the leg, which the keeper failed to latch on. In all these instances, England should only blame their ill fate.

England is set to bowl all day of Day 2. That should allow India to score anywhere around 600+ runs. I’m counting on a big ton from Pujara. Then it is left to be seen, if England has the potential to bat two days of the remaining 3 days to complete batting twice.

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