Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 1–0?

I was casually engaging a conversation with my friend and he mentioned 1-0 result is as good as defeat. The 1-0 result was made on the assumption that the final test match could be ruined by rain based on the forecast report provided in cricinfo preview.

I’m sure many of you would be dissatisfied with the climax just like my good friend. To be honest, I felt really proud at this moment, after all only few years ago a lot of people would be elated with the series draw abroad. Today 1-0 is considered defeat! Oh Dhoni and Boys...What magic have you casted in our minds??? But all these transition happened in the matter of few days. I’m pretty sure when India was reeling at 85/6 on the first morning of the first test match not many would have counted on them to win it.

Now look at this way, at 85/6 India was all set to go down below 120 on a bouncy wicket. In walked Suresh Raina, a candidate for certain failure considering his vows to short pitch stuff and the form he carried from the ODI series, played totally contrasting counter attacking cricket under those circumstances with Bhajji to add another 120 runs to carry the total to 240. In the end, the performance of the duo changed the result and India won the test match by 60 odd runs. I know you are about to argue that Bhajji was known to play such cameos and tail wagging was always on the cards. In reality tail wagging is a seldom site on the first morning of the first test match on a lively pitch. And 150 runs? Come guys that is even above push over. These gimmicks occur usually when wickets are far more conducive to batting.

That victory from first test sky-rocketed our expectations and now 1-0 is considered an unsatisfactory result. Well if you argue, India is the No.1 side and winning this series is always on paper, then I must say India was equally handicapped by the pullout of the heavy weights. So it was even more challenging for the youth brigade to live up to the reputation. Despite all the odds, Dhoni still did a sportive declaration to get a result on the second test which deserves a standing ovation. I know you are still not convinced.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying rain gods to stay away so as the Indian Team could bring more smiles to my good friend and others who follow suit.

India Tour of England
I know this is a very late post considering the team for the Tour of England announced few days ago. Glad to see a fully fledged Indian Team taking a mighty opposition at their home soil. Also this would be an opportune time for Yuvraj to revive his Test career.

Twists and Turns
Interesting events in the last few days led to small twists over the team selection. Here are my pickings.

Abhinav Mukund mostly an unknown commodity finds a place ahead of much established Vijay. Thanks to his second test performance complimented by Vijay’s failure.

When Virat Kohli was all set to announce his arrival in test arena suddenly finds himself in woods lurking.

While Irfan Pathan was hoping to make a comeback, Praveen Kumar sealed his fate by swinging the ball both ways in flying colors.

Did I mention somewhere in the post earlier that Suresh Raina a certain failure in test series. Never mind, I’m eating my words happily with a mug of beer.

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