Friday, July 15, 2011

The build up for the Big Test (India Vs England)

Almost every website and media providing the necessary build up to the game and so let’s leave the job to the professionals.  

I was curious to analyze what is my contribution towards these 2000 test matches as a common cricket fan? Hey don’t get excited… what else it would be except for watching.  Assuming I started seeing cricket passionately from 12 years, 20+ years now, roughly 10 test matches a year to make it 200 Test matches till date, which is about 1% of the total matches played. Not bad for a common cricket fan. The best part of the following is I witnessed most part of Tendulkar from his inception which made me become what I’m to claim myself a crazy cricket lover. I’m sure you are one too and together we announce ourselves a proud community.

At this time it is important to recognize Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary who proudly represents each one of us in the logo of our website. Not just in the logo but also a perfect symbol of our face in the public.

On the eve of the 2000th Test match, our beloved icon is on the verge of making history. The 100th ton would be the perfect icing in cake for the landmark of landmarks. Now the question which landmark will be out shadowed?  The smaller 100 or the bigger 2000? What a dumb question isn’t it? I wish you all enjoy the ton as much as me and celebrate with an India win.

It is easier said and done, in reality how good is India equipped for the first test and the series?
For starters both teams are in good shape considering the amount of Test Matches they played in the recent past. Both teams walk into this series with a series a win behind them.

England has the advantage of playing in home conditions plus don’t have the baggage of No.1 tag. India is definitely handicapped by the absence of Sehwag for the first two Tests (to mention the least). When most batsmen are busy settling their nerves in the first hour, Sehwag is one of those rare breeds busy causing nerves on bowlers the same time. The key compositions of the Team (including Sehwag) Gambir, Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh and Zaheer Khan makes half the side coming from break. Despite the one off warm up match they should still feel rusty and that should make it difficult for the maestro to complete the 100th ton. Since he has confronted so many battles, he should live thru the challenge to bring joy in every Indian’s home.

On the positives Indians already broke the slow starters jinx at WI. However, England is not the team that will slip away the advantage of 85/6.

After the World Cup this is the first series that is likely to attract a lots of audience attention. If I were to bet on one team to win the series, that would be India. For the first test, I’m still keeping fingers crossed.

Bottom line: The euphoria is on

Cricket Lover

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