Friday, December 14, 2012

No Pace, No Bounce, No Turn...

There is absolutely No Pace-No Bounce-No Turn in the wicket to disconcert Indian batsman. Yet 4 were already in the hut with the scorecard reading 87 and India still trail by 243 runs. In the 87 runs made thus, the only time India looked in control was the phase when Pujara stood at the crease. Pujara not only looked confident, but rubbed his resoluteness on Gambir too. For once, it looked like India will post a total over 400 and make a match out of it. And then it happened. The ball from Swann hit the elbow of Pujara and flew to the fielder at Short leg with the shouts of Catch IT Bell. A rough decision ended Pujara’s stay and India’s hopes. Until then a solid looking Gambir, quickly turned out of sorts, while Shaky Tendulkar continued his flimsiness. The Signs of Parade Began!!!

Despite what the scorecard reads, I still believe it’s a very good wicket to bat. In optimistic terms, all the circumspect batsmen (except Pujara) are already in the Pavilion. Dhoni promoting himself at No.6 looked refreshing. It should be Kohli, Dhoni, Ashwin and contributions from Jadeja (+bowlers) to take India around 300. If the quartet of Dhoni, Kohli, Ashwin and Jadeja play the game of their life, Dhoni can renew his lease in power for saving the series.

No matter, how much oneself is a passionate Tendulkar fan, it is still difficult to motivate and witness the master’s failures. For the sake of his fans, Tendulkar should announce his retirement in the middle of the test match and play the final innings. This will not only save Tendulkar his credibility, but also the Indian Team from public wrath for losing 1-3. And then we can start it fresh in the year 2013 with brand new teams in all forms of the game.

We have watched many miracles in Test Cricket. This time, I don’t want to harbor on such false hopes.

Bottom line: It will be a true marvel if Tendulkar lives to play the series against Australia and Dhoni leads it.

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