Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the last GAMBLE

I’ve done enough i-thinking and shared all my thoughts, opinions, way forward etc., for Indian Cricket. So, I prefer not to think what I think. Now, I’m attempting to pick Dhoni’s mind. Especially, when his own place in the side is in jeopardy, how can Dhoni on sane mind ask for Piyush Chawla and Ravindra Jadeja in the side for fourth test?

This is must be the case for Leg Spinner.
English batsmen are not challenged by Ojha’s left arm spin or Ashwin’s off spin. The reason being, their batsmen get to practice same clan of bowlers with better quality in the form of Panesar and Swann. As a result, their batsmen are well accomplished to face the Indian duo. In such a scenario a square turner alone is not a guarantee to save the series. The only ammo that India didn’t fire yet is a leg spinner. The odds are good that English batsmen may fail to read the wrist spinner on a turning surface.

Why Jadeja?
It really does not matter as to who the left arm spinner is. The reasons are already mentioned above. So, rather playing Pragyan Ojha, it is better to play Ravindra Jadeja and possibly cash on his twin triple century form. This way, the value derived from the left arm spinner is doubled.

Of course there is always flu or a muscle cramp or back spasm to bench the leading wicket taker in the side.

But why bench the leading wicket taker?
Except for Pujara the entire batting line up appears vulnerable. Also a turning track is going to make life even more difficult. So, it is important to bolster the line up with an additional batsman. This would be a better time to debut Ajinkya Rahane to try and seal the hole in the batting order. So it is a good gamble that the following XI will produce a favorable result (without ignoring the possibility of fielding 3 spinners).

Sehwag, Gambir, Pujara, Tendulkar, Kohli, Rahane, Dhoni, Jadeja, Ashwin, Dinda, Awana/Sharma/Ojha.
I’m back to being myself now. This all appears more of gambling rather a strategy. If a common cricket fan could read Indian Captain’s brain, I’m sure Andy Flower & Co would have done a better homework. If I’m not wrong, the spin bowling Coach Mushtaq Ahmed must be working overtime already in the nets to train English batsmen to play leg spinners.

Finally, Amarnath has come out in public to reveal what we already know is/was happening. Will it have a bearing? Yes it will, if England wins 3-1.

Cricket Lover

Correction: I failed to include Chawla in the lineup thus beating the purpose of the post. The team Dhoni must be considering is
Sehwag, Gambir, Pujara, Tendulkar, Kohli, Rahane, Dhoni, Jadeja, Ashwin, Dinda, Chawla.

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