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Should Tendulkar Play? Should Dhoni Lead?

The subject has turned into a raging debate in the recent days. And we hear a lot from Pundits and Media every day. But, what does a common cricket fan have to say on this? Let see.

Aravindan Chandrasekaran - Hey ****** pls retire for the goodness of Indian cricket team and let a potential youngster take your place. The team is no more dependent on you. Extra baggage.

Kamal Saini - Anybody who has played cricket and led the team knows how thankless this captaincy job is. There are 11 players in the team but they are all one team. Nobody is pointing out how horribly all bowlers bowled and how bad everybody's batting was. On top of that, British did the exact opposite. They were great in both batting and bowling. As a result, India lost, Indian team lost. So, why is it that the blame goes on 2 individuals? That is truly crazy. A sane mind would rather say, well done England, Indian team were no match to you this time. Raina, Yuvraj, Rohit, Sehwag, Gambhir, etc name anybody who can replace Rahul, Laxman, or Sachin at the moment. The fact is, there is nobody in the pipeline, no replacement parts for this engine that is running on some old parts.

Devi Yogha - Sachin can take a break and given one more opportunity for him to excel and retire with pride for the kind of genius he is. But I feel he should revisit his retirement plans and need not stay until next world cup. Dhoni can stay as a Captain and Virat is too young as Kapil said. What I think the main problem is the Coach. In my opinion, Gary Kristen was one of the Major reasons for our World Cup victory. We need a coach like John Wright or Gary to make our guys unite and fight back with spirit. A good coach can turn things around.

Sandeep V Iyer - I would like to see Sachin retire gracefully while he is in good form. I personally don’t want him to retire on a bad note. Dhoni according to me is still a good captain. His team doesn’t seem to be performing well, so he is being put in the line of fire. As the old adage goes, "A captain is as good as his team is". I believe the focus should rather be in making sure that the team plays better cricket, rather than changing the leadership. Of course, my comments can be debated, but that is how i feel at the moment.

Vijay Srinivasa Rangan - When Saurav was handed over the captaincy it was said that he was sure to be in the 11 in all the formats i.e Test and ODI. Now with Dhoni not being a certainty in the test 11 he should consider giving up test captaincy and T20 captaincy and should continue with ODI. Virat should be given T20 captiancy and Sachin should be allowed to captain the team for next 2 series and retire after playing 200 Test and passing on the mantle to somebody who will be ready by then. If Gambir regains his touch he would be the 1st choice for captaincy

Dharmendra Ponala - Sachin: I still believe he has a role to play in the current Indian Test Team to provide solidity and experience at the middle order, which is now a big void left by Dravid and Laxman. Dhoni: He should be relieved of Test captaincy as he doesn't seem to enjoy it anymore and ran out of ideas and started making unnecessary excuses. But he is still a good captain in ODIs and T20s

Hariganesh Ramamurthy - Sachin should not play the ODI series against Pak/Eng as he is grabbing a chance from a youngster. Against Australia in 2013 if he plays like what he did in Australia 2011/2012 he should consider playing in the overseas series against SA, NZ and England. Else he should retire from cricket. Simply put Aussie Test Series is the acid test for Tendulkar. Dhoni does not deserve a place in Test cricket forget about captaincy. He should lead ODI format and play T20 under a younger captain like Kohli/Raina.

Anbalagan Varadharajan - Yes for Dhoni, No for Sachin. It is the transition period from seniors to juniors. And Dhoni don’t get much support from bowlers as well. Don’t think change in captain is good at this time. The next question mark is Coach.

Rohin Rana - No Captaincy for Dhoni in Test matches only. We need more aggressive captain in Tests than Dhoni. India never had great fast bowlers still some of our fast bowlers did well in India. But here Dhoni completely neglect them and doesn't trust them. Why play 4 spinners where Anderson was man of the match? Also he was not able to resolve his issues with Sehwag and Gambhir. He is still very good captain in T20 and one day. It's a Transition Phase (b/c Dravid and Laxman already left) and Sachin still have a lot to give youngsters in Test cricket. Sachin should get retired in one day.

Perumal Murgusubbiah - No for Dhoni. His insistence on certain players, being ready with excuses even before the loss, portraying A DON’T CARE attitude that is disturbing...... About Sachin, i think he is the best judge of his career. May be he thinks that he is in good form though stats don’t show it. Frankly, i don’t think Sachin retiring will do any change to the team's fortunes. We will get another replacement who will not play unless Dhoni likes him and if dhoni likes him, he is more likely to fail.

Anubhav Chopra - India needs to move past the old school thinking of wearing a person out completely and then looking for a miracle. With that in mind, I believe there was also an article on Cricinfo that stated that one of the reasons for Indian cricketers not being able to develop completely is due to not getting the right amount of exposure at the right time. So I would say - Currently Dhoni is one of the best captaincy material for ODI, but let's face it we can all see where his flaws are.... Not to also mention he is way more over worked. As such I believe, Indian selectors should definitely start naming and grooming someone like Kohli as vice-captain, so that he can take full charge soon after. Dhoni is still a good player but age always has a role to play... We just saw this recently with Clarke- Ponting issue in Austraila..... Next moving onto Sachin.... Yes he is the most complete batsmen of all time, but now it's time to switch roles and be the best all round batting coach for India... Like I have mentioned in the past, take more time out for domestic competitions... There is no way in hell we should not have good bowlers coming out, if they are practicing against Sachin in domestic competitions.... Bottom Line - It's time for BIG changes and what better time to look towards the future than now... Indian team has nothing to lose.

Sudarshan Sadagopan - Sachin should decide one thing. When is he calling it off? With lot of home games he should announce his time and then go play without any extra pressure. Dhoni has been a good captain though he makes mistakes here and there. Making Kohli will anyways split the dressing room with seniors waiting for opportunity. So stick with Dhoni for another home series and see what happens.

Vignesh Shankar - Anyway if we win the ODI series against England people will forget about the Test series which we lost and again this issue will come up when lose against Australia. And then there will be an IPL to follow immediately that will again take our mind away from these issues.

Those were random opinions. And the opinions on this subject are still divided. However a large majority is still not so hard on Tendulkar, while they also wish to see a new Captain the least in one format.

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PS: We did the same exercise in Feb 2012, when Tendulkar was struggling to complete his 100th century. “Tendulkar Retirement Debate” was a hot topic then too. Back then people single handedly backed Tendulkar. Read (

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