Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh my god, this is becoming insane than before...

 This is insane. The selectors here are paid to pick the team that Dhoni wants, rather a team that India needs”. This was my first impression soon I read the squad for the 4th Test at Nagpur.

Am I being too critical? Let us take one issue at a time.

Dhoni cannot be blamed for the player’s failure
It is easy to say Dhoni cannot be blamed for the batsmen inability to score runs or bowlers failure to take wickets. If this is the excuse, where is the accountability for Captaincy? If players are measured by their runs and wickets, the captain should be measured by the results he delivers. 8-0 loss abroad, failure to reach finals in CB Series and Asia Cup, early exit from ICC World T20, down by 2-1 in the home series against England are beyond chewable proportion.

It is the Captain’s responsibility to bring the best out of his players. Dhoni has failed miserably for more than a year now. He should be blamed largely for not creating conducive atmosphere in the dressing room. Since players were not enjoying the environment, dissents began, players are not giving their best and India is only experiencing downward spiral. It is a big disappointment that BCCI or selectors has failed to read or in otherwords turned a blind eye to the situation.

We don’t have adequate resources to replace stalwarts like Dravid and Laxman
In my books we have more than adequate resource to replace Dravid and Laxman. Definitely Pujara and Kohli proved it already. Somebody might point Kohli’s poor performance in the current series is below ordinary. For the run he had in 2012 a form slump is imminent. The irony is it happened at the wrong time for him and India.

Ashwin is in no league of Harbhajan
I agree. Definitely Ashwin is in no league compared to Harbhajan Singh as an off spinner in Test Cricket. But, what we have unearthed in Ashwin is very unique. After a long time, India has discovered a genuine all round cricketer. He has all ingredients to replace Laxman at No.5 in the test line up. Of course that will happen only with time. Add his current bowling skills he could turn much handier than Laxman for India. If some captain has a vision, Ashwin will be explored as an opener. Who knows, if things go his way, Ashwin could bring the perfect balance the team desires. (When Manoj Prabhakar turned into a all-rounder, he resolved the issue of opening batter to partner Sidhu, India could play 4 specialist bowlers – Kapil Dev/Srinath, Kumble, Chauhan, Raju. Also, India could manage 5 batsman and specialist keeper. This is the same thing DeVilliers offers to South Africa, while Watson for Australia). Ashwin’s emergence is more of a blessing in disguise.

Mishandling of Harbhajan Singh
At the start of the series, I said Harbhajan Singh should not feature in the Test Series. I still stand by it. But, if India were to waste time on non-existent leg spinner, India might as well persist with Harbhajan Singh. Unfortunately Harbhajan Singh experiment turned futile.

Zaheer Khan, Yuvraj and Harbhajan axed
Every beginning starts with an end. I’m happy that Zaheer Khan, Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh met their ends duly after the third test. I’m personally disappointed for the failure of Yuvraj though.  But, I’m extremely saddened as an Indian fan when I read the replacements. Jadeja and Chawla are more backward looking statement in a forward going world. We thought we already moved ahead of Jadeja and Chawla by the earlier selection committee. If two triple centuries warranted Jadeja's rush into the side, then Sarath, Sriram, Amol Mazumdar, Wasim Jaffer should have been permanent fixtures for India. I knew this was coming when Jadeja piled two triple centuries. And, going back to Chawla for the Final Test beats the purpose of overlooking him in the first place.
Dhoni is a wrong trump
I’m not sure if Dhoni’s long rope as Captain is justified. What else can you expect, when Srinivasan is at the helm of affairs?

I’m not upset because Dhoni is named skipper for the final test. I’m only upset because Dhoni is again named the Captain for the T20 side. That clearly shows that BCCI is keen to build a new team, again revolving Dhoni. So, the Selectors job is all but (slowly) replacing the team with Dhoni’s warriors. Selection of Jadeja and Chawla are just the effects of it.

Despite, India being a falling knife for more than a year in Test Cricket, it is still not justified as why Ajinkya Rahane, Rohit Sharma, Manoj Tiwary, Badrinath did not get a fair look. On the contrary, Dhoni’s favorites as Chawla, R P Singh, Jadeja, Suresh Raina, Murali Vijay have/having/had a sneak peak. If you closely examine, it should all appear one sided/biased moves. This is why, I claim Dhoni a wrong trump. All of Gambir, Sehwag can get ready to back their bags. Oh, by the way, Sehwag is already out of the T20 side.

Where Selectors Failed?
It is very evident that the selectors lack the conviction. Their actions show all of it.

Let me, tell you what I would have done, if I were the Chairman of Selectors. In this climate, it is very difficult to out power Srinivasan. It is not good for India if lead by any of Gambir, Sehwag or Dhoni. Pujaras and Kohlis leading a Test Team is too much a gamble to take. Sachin Tendulkar does not look in any urgency to end his career. I will go to Tendulkar, persuade him to lead the side as a stop gap arrangement starting Australia series. Also Tendulkar is too big a figure even for the likes of Srinivasan or Dhoni to take on. I will name Kohli as the Captain of T20 side. As Kohli matures (I’m sure he will mature quickly), I will pass over the mantle to Kohli somewhere before or after South Africa series. Since Tendulkar is not retired already, this is the greatest service Tendulkar can offer to Indian Cricket now.

Bottom line: The selectors here are paid to pick the team that Dhoni wants, rather a team that India needs. Nobody here seems to care for the future of Indian Cricket. Everybody is only interested in the mileage they could derive during their tenure of power.

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  1. nice! an entire rant without mentioning sachin. This is like scoring a double hundred without a shot on the off side....:-)


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