Thursday, October 6, 2011

Irani Trophy with Aakash Chopra (Caution: Page 19 Journalism)

Are you guys aware of Irani Trophy?
Please forgive me for this query. Since times have changed it is important not to make bad assumption while commencing an article. For the young age India, Irani Trophy is an annual tournament conceived in the 1959-60 season to mark the completion of 25 years of the Ranji Trophy championship. The fixture is always played between the previous years’ Ranji Trophy winners and the Rest of India Team. Now please don’t ask me what is Ranji Trophy.

At the end of first day’s play (Oct 1, 2011) Rest of India piled 400 runs losing 3 wickets against Rajasthan (last year Ranji Champions). Aakash Chopra, a former India opening batsman, still active in the domestic circuit, currently playing this game for Rajasthan published this article. For starters Aakash Chopra is also a popular columnist, active in twitter promoting his editorials & sharing pleasantries with his followers. I swear not accusing him for this. Any columnist would want his work to reach many eyes and selling the work is no sin.

Celebrities like him could sell the article little ease by tweeting the link, while nameless bloggers like me need our piece to be referred by a popular personality to gain the attention of readers like you. Believe me, it is one of the toughest assignment to get somebody refer your work. Well, I don’t blame them. As a matter of fact, even I don’t forward all that I read, though I like it.

Back to board, soon as I saw the article, could not hold but to reply Aakash Chopra with the following tweet.

Trust me; I’m not proud of my message either. It was an impulsive tweet on the anguish, “Hey Chopra. You have a game on hand. Why would you want to distract yourself by tweeting and writing columns, but focus on the important play tomorrow!!! If writing and tweeting all interests you, then time to move on. For, you have not been scoring big in the past few years and so a youngster benefits the opportunity”.

You have to believe me that I really wanted to make such a long statement. Unfortunately twitter does not permit beyond 120 chars and so I came up with the worst of tweet portrayed in the best manner(in the typical desi style).

But then after a discussion with my good friend, I realized the tweet should have been on the softer side. So when I tried to send another message, guess what, I don’t see his twitter account. For a moment, I thought my tweet must have really hurt him and so he quit twitter forever to concentrate on cricket ahead. Oh come on!!! World don’t change on a tweet. I’m only blocked from his follower list. This pissed me off. Not because I’m blocked, because a critic could not take criticism. Hypocrites!!!

Just to prove him, I’m even smarter, sent a tweet conveying the same message on a different tone from my personal account.

Guess he must have assumed I’m a different guy & awed at his multi-tasking skills, so bothered to reply humbly to all his followers.

What? You expect me to give you the moral of the story. Come on this is a Page 19 journal. You can make all you want.
Anyways, having wrote this incident, this is what I wish to say to Aakash Chopra. “I’m certain your cricket has suffered in the past few years after you chose to blog and tweet actively. And if you really find your game on the decline, you can safely assume blogs and tweets interests you more. Please vacate your spot for a deserving young candidate. For records you failed in both the innings of the Irani Trophy match. I just hope you don't pick your smart phone right after the innings and start the banter in twitter. If that is the case then you really set wrong precedence for the generation to follow

Now that this post turned to be a Page 19, let me share you another interesting stuff.

By no means am I accusing Little Master for stealing my idea. Heaven sake, don’t get me wrong here. There is no way the legend know me. I’m just feeling proud of myself that I thought in the same lines of the Maestro and shared my idea to ICC and other cricket board’s way back in Jun 2008.

I'm not a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan, but I liked the movie "My Name is Khan" for the story line. It truly inspired me to do such a journey to meet the Master in person. For now, it is just a dream and I wish it turns true someday.

Cricket Lover.

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